What happens to your CV after you apply for a job?

What happens to your CV after you apply for a job?

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January has historically always been the busiest month on record for job seekers and job applications. 2017 was no different as Britain began 2017 with the world’s fourth sharpest spike in the number of people looking for a new job.

But how many of these job seeking hopefuls, with their virtual noses pressed against the glass sliding doors of their favorite job sites, on the first working day of January asked themselves; “What will happen to my CV after I’ve applied for this job?”, “Where does it go?”, “Who stores it and for how long?”

Similar to the now, engrained Black Friday rush to spend today and reflect on personal finances tomorrow, January brings its own pressures for job seekers to apply for a new job straight away, and not worry about what happens to their personal data. That is until many months later, when they start to receive continuous phone calls and emails from agencies or companies they’ve not registered with and have no idea how they got their contact information. Surely they all read the terms and conditions?

A test was carried out by the Manchester-based WIFI company, Purple illustrating the lack of consumer awareness of what they are signing up to. They inserted a clause which bound anyone that signed up for their WIFI to 1,000 hours of community service, worryingly 22,000 people agreed to these terms and conditions for the two week that the clause was inserted. Purple offered a prize to anyone who flagged up the clause, just one person claimed it.

While people may believe that terms and conditions are there to protect them, they can also be used to leverage personal information for financial gain. A new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 2018, with focus on the consent and use of personal data. Companies will no longer be able to share or sell personal information without consent, this does rely on the job seeker been given the full facts and the option to leave the check boxes blank.

Here are some key points, that will already be in most recruiters terms and conditions, however post GDPR they will have to be upfront and will now require full consent before a CV is uploaded:

  • This CV will also be added to a searchable database and stored indefinitely (or for x period of time)
  • The CV Database is searchable and accessible by all registered Recruiters indefinitely (or until x period of time)
  • This CV will have personal information taken from it, such as: Name, Phone Number(s), Home Address, Date of Birth, Email Address, Employment History
  • Email address will be passed to other recruitment agencies
  • Email address will be passed on to third party companies
  • This CV can be sold to third party companies with searchable CV database
  • So, lets revisit the question posed in the title: “What happens to your CV after you apply for a job?”. The answer being that; personal data is stripped from the CVs and changing hands several times over between third parties, agencies and recruiters. Yes, all of this is covered as part of term and conditions but we already know most people do not always fully read them.

    In light of knowing what happens to a CV after applying for a job, the next question should possibly be: “How do you stop your CV data from being circulated?

    Perhaps one solution to slow down this merry-go-round of CVs and stripped data is to lean toward new technology and the upward trend of video applications, this is where job seeking individuals apply for a job by submitting a self made video. Another is, after May 2018 as part of GDPR, simply read all the information presented and not give consent to the sharing of personal data.

    To find more about GDPR, please read our ‘How GDPR affects job seekers?’ blog.


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