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A Career Guide To Being A Cleaner 

Published: Tuesday 12th May 2020

Being a cleaner mightn’t seem like the most glamorous job in the world, but professional cleaners provide a vital service to the UK economy and there’s more to the profession than you might think. Not only can cleaner jobs be highly specialised, but it’s also a relatively secure and low stress occupation. If you’re looking for career with plenty of opportunities, or a part-time source of income while studying, UK cleaning jobs are plentiful and can provide a reliable source of incomeIn fact, some cleaners go onto create their own successful and highly lucrative businesses.  

There Is No Shortage Of UK Cleaning Jobs  

While there are many cleaners that visit other people’s houses and offices to carry out basic cleaning tasks, in reality, there are a lot of specialist cleaning jobs out there, such those responsible for windows, laboratories, public transportor even upholstery – some of which can attract good salaries. Today, your average cleaner is likely to be multi-skilled and able to tackle a wide range of duties that often go beyond standard cleaning duties.  

As a result, working hours can vary. Some UK cleaning jobs involve working nine to five, while others require shift work (e.g., to clean office buildings when workers leave in the evening). For this reason, some cleaners are self-employed and work flexible hours. 

Qualifications Not Required 

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You won’t need any qualifications to become a cleaner, however, you will need to meet a good standard of numeracy and literacy. For some roles, you may need to demonstrate a good knowledge of health and safety rules, especially if you’re working with chemicalsGood communication skills will be useful for liaising effectively with clients. Some tasks will vary from one job to another so it’s important to a clear understanding of what’s required in the role. Above all, you’ll need to be reliable and able to work as part of a team, as well as under your own initiative.  

There are apprenticeships and advanced apprenticeship schemes which could be useful if you want to specialise in a specific area of cleaning or even start your own businessThose seeking to be professional cleaners can also work towards NVQs/SVQs qualifications in Cleaning and Support Services (Level 1 and 2) or Cleaning Buildings Interiors (Level 2). The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) offers its own qualifications, including the Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate (COPC).

Zoek Career Guide - A Career Guide To Being A Cleaner 

Where Can I Find Cleaning Jobs Near Me? 

Even though there are thought to be close to one million professional cleaners in the UK, good cleaners are always in demand. Pay typically varies by sector, age and experience. While starting salaries tend to be low, with experience some cleaners can move into senior positions within businesses and some even go on to form their own companies dealing, sometimes handling £multi-million contracts.  

While many jobs are advertised locally in shops and noticeboards, one of the simplest ways to find a cleaning job near you is through the Zoek job search site. Alternatively, by downloading then Zoek jobsearch app, you can get alerts on cleaner jobs near to you as vacancies arise. 

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