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A career guide to Gardening 

Published: Friday 10th July 2020

If you love the great outdoors, getting your hands dirty or watching the fruits of your labour blossom and grow, then you might be interested in a job in gardening. There are a range of different employers offering jobs, from basic maintenance right up to landscaping and garden design jobs. To get an idea of how to get into gardening and the many opportunities it offers, here is a career guide to learn all there is. 

Qualifications needed for Gardening jobs

While there are no formal qualifications required, there are many different gardening routes and certain qualifications can be helpful depending on what type of job you want. 

Gardener holding a pot with plant in garden

Some third level course you might consider are a Level 1 Certificate in Horticulture Skills, Level 2 Diploma in Horticulture and Amenity Horticulture or a Level 3 Certificate in Practical Horticulture. You may also wish to consider an apprenticeship to learn the basic skills of being a gardener, such as those offered by the Royal Horticultural Society. Entry to courses and apprenticeships will require you to have a maximum of 5 GCSEs, including Maths and English. 

Work experience 

Another route into a job as a gardener may be to gain experience by volunteering for a conservation charity or by helping out at some public buildings and large estates which have gardens that require maintenance. This is a great way to pick up basic gardening skills, learn about different plants and flowers and gain and insight into what is required for a job in gardening. 

What other qualities do I need for Gardening jobs

bearded millennial harvesting beets in an Gardener working - urban communal garden

This profession requires a lot of physical work, so you should be in a good start of health and physical fitness. You will also require a good eye for detail, ability to follow instructions and use various tools and equipment. It is also a job which requires a degree of patience and problem solving, so you will need to show an employer than you can remain calm and focused. 

What kinds of jobs do Gardeners do? 

There are a number of different jobs in gardening and a job search will throw up many varied results. Many jobs involve maintenance, which can include cutting grass, trimming and pruning plants and flowers and generally ensuring green areas are clean and tidy. These types of jobs are usually offered by local authorities, owners of large estates or organisations such as the National Trust. 

Man working in garden center - gardening concept

Other areas which offer careers are garden design jobs and landscaping jobs. These jobs involve what a garden or green area will look like, what needs planted and when and may even require an element of construction work. 

How much does a Gardening job pay? 

Pay scales vary depending on what type of gardening work you do and the level of experience you have. A gardener can expect to start off on around £16,000 a year and earn up to £25,000 a year. Garden design jobs and landscaping can pay a bit more. In addition, many landscapers may even set up their own business or work as contractors. 

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