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A Career Guide To Programmer Jobs 

Published: Friday 5th June 2020

The shift from analogue technology to digital technology began after the 1950s. Since then, computers have become an all essential entity around the globe. As computers are used by more than half of the population in the world, the demand for computer related job profiles have increased drastically. One such job profile is that of a computer programmer. With more and more emphasis on digital platforms, programmer jobs are high in demand. According to a recent study in 2019, with over 26 million programmers in the world, jobs in programming are one of the most sought-out career options among youngsters.   

Would-be programmers must have the understandability of the role of a programmer. Programmers write computer codes which enable the machine to perform certain functions. If you develop good programming skills, you can also work as a freelancer at the convenience of your own routine. There are different types of programmers like software developers, data analysts, web developers, game developers. Programmer jobs can give you the opportunity to explore one or more of the above job profiles.  

Program development concept. Young man working with computer, programmer.

Qualifications Required For Programmer Jobs 

A recognised bachelor’s degree in branches like computer science, information technology is preferable for acquiring jobs in programming. If you don’t have one, you will require to learn at least one of the programming languages like JavaScript, python or html. Along with this, you will have to amass direct work experience as a programmer.

Some organisations demand a master’s degree in computer science for high level programming jobs. After completion of general high school education, aspiring candidates can select the field of computer science or relevant branch in order to initiate the first step for gaining the right education. This is the more conventional approach towards becoming a programmer. 

Types Of Programmer Jobs

There are some specialised job titles you can have as a programmer: 

Web Developer 

Program development concept. Young woman listening to music while working with laptop, woman programmer

As a web developer, your primary responsibility will be to design and maintain websites. You will have to create a website from scratch, design the layout and test it for different technical factors. After this procedure, as a programmer, you will have to constantly analyse the website issues, traffic, loading speed and other technical aspects.  

Software Developer

Jobs in programming pertaining to software development mainly associates the programmer for computer software development. This profile is influenced by the scale and nature of the employer’s work. Some employers concentrate in small application design whereas some employers can assign their programmers to develop a detailed software which manages many aspects of the consumer requirements. 

Mobile App Developer

Female UX Architect Has Discussion with Male Design Engineer, They Work on Mobile Application Late at Night. In the Background Wall with Project Sticky Notes and Other Studio Employees.

As the name suggests, programmers under this profile utilise their coding expertise for designing different applications and software to be used on smartphones and tablets. The increasing reach of smartphones has made this job profile more demanding recently. 

Systems Engineer

If you have good grasp over the basics of computer engineering and information technology, this is an excellent title to pursue. Programmers under this role are majorly involved in maintaining the entire computer system of a client. They can provide practical insights to their information technology team regarding necessary updates.  

There are a fair amount of jobs in the programming field that provide vast areas of functionalities. With an average pay of around £30K, programmer jobs provide good remuneration for an aspirant. If you want to explore the possibilities and apply directly to the relevant programming employers, you can search the Zoek job board and you’ll find all programmer vacancies near you. 

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