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A career guide to becoming a Lab Technician 

Published: Friday 17th July 2020

Working as a lab technician can be an exciting and fascinating job and very rewarding for someone with a keen interest in science. A lab technician’s job is to assist a scientist in a laboratory setting by preparing materials and recording findings. Moreover, lab technician jobs can be found in research facilities, universities or in schools and can involve carrying out tests and research. If you are interested in lab technology and would like to work as a lab technician, check out our career guide. 

What qualifications do I need to be a Lab Technician? 

A university degree in a science such as chemistry, biology or physics is useful, but not essential. However, some employers will look for some form of third level science-related qualifications. You may wish to consider a Diploma in Applied Science and this is a course which normally requires you to have a maximum of five GCSEs at A to C grade. There are also some apprenticeship schemes available for those who would like to pursue a career working in a lab and these require one of your GCSEs to be in a science  

lab technician in laboratory testing samples. science concept

What other qualities do you need to be a Lab Technician? 

You will, of course, need a deep interest in science, show attention to detail and keen to solve problems. Working in a lab can be a very methodical process and you may not see results of your work for months or maybe years, so a degree of patience is helpful. While knowledge of science is essential, you may also need to show an aptitude for maths and be able to communicate findings. 

Main duties of a Laboratory Technician 

A lab technician job involves assisting a scientist carry out experiments and research. The work can involve managing stock levels in the lab, preparing solutions and other chemicals and setting up the right equipment for experiments. You will also be expected to exercise high standards of health safety, which include wearing protective clothing and disposing of harmful chemicals safely’.

two female lab technicians operating machine in laboratory

Where can I find Lab Technician jobs near me? 

A job search for lab technician jobs may throw up a number of different results and you may find that the opportunity of working in a lab is available in many different locations. Factories and manufacturing sites, particularly those that handle chemicals, may be a source of lab technician jobs while you may also find that research facilities, whether government-sponsored or privately funded, will require lab technicians. 

It is also common for universities and schools to employ lab technicians to work with professors and science teachers in preparing lessons and demonstrations for students. 

How much do Lab Technicians get paid? 

Overall, lab technicians normally work around 40 hours a week on a Monday to Friday basis, however they can be required for weekend work at times too. Consequently, pay will depend on experience and area of expertise with a basic lab technician’s pay normally starting at around £15,000 and those at the top of the scale earning around £30,000. 

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