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A guide to becoming a professional Blogger 

Published: Friday 27th November 2020

Blogging can be a very creative and fulfilling profession regardless of your niche. However, it can be challenging and confusing to figure out how to get started, particularly because there are so many different areas. So, for those who are interested in pursuing a career in blogging, here’s our career guide on how to become a successful professional blogger and be your own boss!

What does a professional Blogger do? 

Bloggers could be separated roughly into hobbyists and professionals. However, this distinction can cause a bit of confusion as there are hobbyists who manage huge sites and professionals working on smaller publications. Therefore, what makes a professional isn’t the size or even the quality of the site they manage. It has more to do with the fact that professionals create blog content as their primary paid occupation, instead of blogging as a pass time.

How to become a professional Blogger

There are mainly two types of professional bloggers, namely those who make money through their own blog as well as those who blog for a company. All professionals in this field should have good skills in writing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, blogging platforms and email marketing. 

Young professional blogger using laptop outdoors, typing and smiling, working remotely.

Essential skills 

Regarding writing skills, one of the most important things in blogging is content creation. A professional blogger needs to understand the relevance and importance of a topic and what readers would love to read. Therefore, professionals should know how to research and create articles that are authentic and helpful for the audience.

Social networking, SEO Knowledge and Analytics are also essential. That’s because someone with a good social media reach can connect better with followers. This helps with increased blog monetisation through popularity and networking. In addition, SEO and Analytics knowledge is crucial to get a good Google ranking for your blog and make revenue. But you don’t have to worry, as there are many tools like WordPress to help you. 

Other skills that are crucial are motivation, consistency, creativity, planning and understanding of different writing styles. Reading a lot can assist you with fresh ideas and help you become better.

How to start a career in Blogging

To kickstart your career you have three options. You can start your own blog and monetise it, get hired by a company to write for them or work as a freelancer. 

Launching a blog with a platform like WordPress is quick and achievable with some budget support. To help increase your income you can use ads, affiliate links, and sponsored posts. Of course, this will require some more effort. To start your own blog and step into monetising it, you can find plenty of online resources and video tutorials on YouTube.

However, bear in mind that this path takes time. Most blogs take months or years to start making a good amount of money, and that’s if you’re able to pull out all the stops when it comes to using content management systems, search engine optimization and web design correctly.

Blogger blogging at work. Side view of handsome young man working on laptop and smiling while sitting at windowsill

If you opt for working for a company then get ready as there’s a lot of competition for such roles. Checking job posting sites such as Zoek regularly can help you stay on top of any new positions that become available. Before applying, have a portfolio of writing samples ready to go. 

Finally, freelancing could be another middle-ground option. Freelance blogging will give you more control over your posts and choose which projects you want to work on. You will also have the flexibility that comes with self-employment while maintaining a slightly more predictable income.

Salary and career development

There is no fixed salary when it comes to this profession. Your earnings will vary each month and once you start making money you should bear in mind that your income will not be steady. Some months you may make more money than you need while others you may have to search for alternative ways. 

That’s why most professional bloggers have more than one stream of revenue. For example, most people with high-income use Affiliate Marketing, native advertising, or writing for an e-commerce site to sell other products and services.

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