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8 skills to look for when hiring a remote tech team

Published: Thursday 18th February 2021

Over the last few years, international companies have started favouring and embracing the idea of setting up remote teams for their development projects. No wonder, considering how many benefits and return of investment hiring a remote tech team can bring to a business. 

The benefits of hiring a remote tech team

The first and biggest is, of course, the reduced IT professionals cost of the development services. Nowadays it is possible to find a trustworthy IT specialist in almost any country which gives companies plenty of choices, depending on their financial wellbeing. Another great benefit is increased productivity. No more time-consuming commuting or endless meetings. Every call and online conference is on-point and resolves a specific issue or task. Finally, the third benefit would be a chance for companies to find the best talents, matching their requirements from both experience and personal perspective. Having such a vast talent pool can significantly improve the execution of any project.

While hiring a remote tech team the first thing you should look at is the location. This is something that in many ways defines the price for such services. Currently, there are a few top outsourcing locations in the world that offer a perfect price/quality ratio at a reasonable cost.

Below you can find a list of the most sought-after skills and what to look for when hiring a remote tech team in 2021.

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When hiring a remote tech team, invest in Cybersecurity

Being skilled in applying cybersecurity techniques is an absolute necessity for any remote worker. With lots of businesses operating online these days the chances for a data breach have grown accordingly. This is a job sector that is incredibly understaffed so not only it’s an important skill to have but also a potentially successful career path for anyone interested in cybersecurity technologies.

Project management

Having a strongly skilled project management professional on your team can significantly improve your development process. Such a specialist will be able to ensure that your project will be brought from start to finish without any development mistakes or delays. They will also be able to provide you with a clear communication channel and keep you regularly updated about the flow.

DevOps, one of the tops skills when hiring a remote tech team

With a DevOps engineer on your team, you will be able to hit the market with your products in a more targeted and efficient way. This field is only growing and evolving now so there’s plenty of room to experiment with its implementation into your business. DevOps engineers will be able to assist you with your project’s automation and further integration.

Mobile application development

Creating a great mobile application is one of the best ways to promote a service, nowadays. When hiring a remote tech team, having an IT specialist skilled in mobile application development is a sure way to stay competitive on the market, drive more customers, and revenue. Furthermore, by having a remote mobile app development team, you will also strengthen your customer experience and overall engagement.

Business analytics

Solving business problems requires a good understanding of the domain itself, staying on top of the respective industry’s economic trends, and developing the right strategy. Your business needs a skilled Business Analyst, who will be able to find and leverage ways in order to reduce operational costs and save you money.

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AI and Machine Learning technologies are slowly but surely taking over the Tech world. One of the most commonly used languages in Data Science and adjacent domains is Python. It’s a beginner-friendly programming language that combines a simple syntax and semantics with time-proven consistency. The language has substantial libraries and object-oriented designs that increase programmer’s productivity while using other programming languages. Python programmers are in high demand these days, and will definitely bring lots of benefits to your business due to their high versatility.

Data visualisation

With the ever-increasing demand for Data science professionals, data visualisation skills become even more relevant to modern businesses. Consolidating data and placing key results and objects in visual concepts is a must-have ability for a technical partner of a successful company. Data visualisation can help you by narrowing the gap between tech-savvy and non-technical people within your organisation.

Digital marketing

The absence of advertisement and poor online presence can do your business harm. The Internet has consumed the modern world and without a proper investment in digital marketing, it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of the competition. Having a skilled Digital Marketer who knows how to generate demand and advertise your brand through different digital platforms will make a whole difference.

Final thoughts

Despite the fact that remote teams are in high demand these days and there is a wide variety of service providers to choose from, such diversity may be confusing and lead to choosing an inexperienced technical partner if you don’t know what to pay attention to. However, hopefully, our article has helped you to choose the right talent when hiring a remote tech team!

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