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Law graduates: how to earn your dream job

Published: Sunday 19th July 2020

After three to four years of hard work, you’ve finally graduated with your law degree – but now what? Finding your dream job after you graduate isn’t always easy, and with the law industry home to a very competitive job market, you might have found yourself up against the odds when it comes to landing a position that you are going to love. So, what do you next? If endless applications and rejections are getting you down, it might be time to think about what you can do to improve your career prospects and make your CV irresistible to employers.

Consider a Postgraduate Degree

Getting a postgraduate degree will provide you with a pathway to further specialise in the area of the law that you are the most interested in, and you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to gain experience that will help you stand out to future employers. Getting a degree from a prestigious university, such as the University of Law, can be a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition in the job market and make your CV stand out. The ‘university compare‘ platform is a great place to start if you are in the process of looking for a suitable postgraduate course to study in law. You can view university rankings, employment prospects for graduates and the facilities on offer to find the best option for you.

Graduation cap on a gavel, balance scale of justice behind to represent a law graduate

Try an Internship

While it might not be the best way to earn a ton of cash, an internship in a law office can be a great way to get valuable on the job experience and build a relationship with a future employer. If you find an internship that you are really good at and can make a lasting impression, there’s a high chance that you’re going to be first on the list of candidates if a suitable position opens up for you in the future. Working as an intern in a variety of different positions gives you a chance to get yourself out there in front of potential employers and show them what you have got, rather than them simply going by what’s on your CV.

Improve Your Soft Skills

To land your dream job in law, you’re going to need more than simply extensive legal knowledge. If you’re applying for jobs and fail to demonstrate the strong set of soft skills that all good lawyers need, this is what could be holding you back. Now is a great time to work on a wide range of soft skills that are essential to the position, like improving your communication and active listening skills, or brushing up on your organisational skills. Get involved with projects outside the law that will help you improve skills in various areas that can later be transferred to a law position.

Law graduate clicks a 'soft skills' words button on a virtual panel

Consider All Your Options

Remember that with a law degree, there’s much more than working for a law firm on offer. You could find work as a legal counsel for a business, alongside a voluntary organisation or charity, or even working as a paralegal. Don’t hone in on one type of position and restrict yourself in this way. Remember that right now, your dream job might not be right around the corner and it might be essential for you to build up valuable experience working in various areas of the law and different positions before you are able to finally land the role that you’ve always wanted. Keep your options open and think about improving your experience first.


Networking isn’t just for business people; you can also gain a lot from it in the legal field. Attend local and national networking events for legal professionals and put yourself out there; get to know people who are influential in the legal industry and ask for their advice. Most experienced, successful lawyers will have been in your position before and they might have some valuable guidance and mentorship that you can take advantage of. And, the more you network and get to know the people in the industry, the better your chance will be of meeting somebody who knows of a job position that would be the perfect opportunity for you. Don’t restrict networking to conferences, either – get active online using sites like LinkedIn.

Don’t Give Up

Landing your dream law job right out of university isn’t very common, so don’t be disheartened if all you have had so far is rejection letters. To land your dream law role, you might have to really work for it and put in as much effort as you can to improve your skills and experience to prove that you are a right fit for the role. And as you persevere, future employers will see that you are not the type to give up easily, which will always go in your favour.

Landing your dream law position straight out of university isn’t always easy. Keep these tips in mind to make your CV stand out and improve your chance of getting the role you want.

Author Bio: Grace Murphy, experienced reviewer and journalist.  

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