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Tech strategies disabled individuals can use to boost their job prospects

Published: Tuesday 11th August 2020

A record number of disabled individuals currently hold jobs around the world. This accomplishment is due in part to successful social programs as well as the integration of technology. Recent advancements have made it possible for individuals with varying skills to contribute something impactful to the job market. Thanks to technological advancements, disabled people can work in positions that didn’t exist a few years ago and even work jobs that would have been impossible in the past. Below is a list of ways in which technology can boost your job prospects when facing unique challenges.

Scour job boards to find remote work

Disabled man working on his pc with prosthetic limb

 Remote work is currently reigning supreme as the ideal job for disabled individuals. These positions, which are increasing in prevalence, allow you to work from the comfort of your own home. This means all you need for these positions is a computer, internet access, and a microphone for some positions. Job boards like Zoek are filled with positions that can be performed remotely. A pro tip is to filter your search to only show results that allow a work-from-home option; this will make it much easier to find a position that fits your needs.

Freelance job boards are also a great remote staffing resource, with many available options for virtual assistants, which is a great position to do remotely. A virtual assistant can help out with making travel arrangements, prepping different types of reports, and updating databases. Also, don’t forget to download job board apps so you can stay on top of potential jobs.

Update your smartphone for increased connectivity

 Smartphones are becoming an essential part of any job. This is true for people who deal with many customers or clients. In today’s non-stop world, people expect to receive answers immediately, and an up-to-date phone will make it much easier for you to meet this expectation of availability. If your phone is old and not compatible with more recent apps, you need to think about getting an upgrade. A reliable smartphone, that’s suited for small business owners, will ultimately make a world of difference when it comes to completing your job in an effective, efficient manner.

Integrate voice-controlled devices into your workflow

disabled man in a wheelchair working in a lab

Voice recognition is an exciting and game-changing technological advancement that makes it easier for disabled individuals to control devices and get their job done in a timely manner. Computers, smartphones, TVs, and other devices all have the ability to be controlled by voice alone. This hands-free capability is making it possible for some people to hold jobs they wouldn’t have otherwise without this technology. The more devices you use on a daily basis for work, the easier this voice-controlled technology can streamline your workflow. Ask your employer if they provide devices with this functionality.

Find work apps to fit your needs

Each time you enter the Google Play Store or Apple Store, you’re bound to see productivity, organisational, or other work-related apps designed to improve your workflow. While there are duds in the bunch, there are some that can have a positive impact on your work. One recommendation would be to download a bunch of different apps to test which ones work best for you.

The barriers to finding a well-paying job that doesn’t require a tremendous amount of expertise or skill are decreasing due to the rapid integration of technology. Individuals with disabilities can greatly increase their job prospects by leaning into this trend and seeing what tech can offer.

Start your job search with Zoek today and put our tech strategies to good use!

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