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A guide to writing the perfect Internship CV

Published: Thursday 9th July 2020

An internship is an important part of every career path. Students often try to get internships in prestigious companies. Some of them are successful and easily find a job within one week, and others suffer from failed attempts for months. Yet, what is the secret of those lucky ones? The main secret is definitely the CV (or resume)! Even if you have a lot of great work experience, it is hard to join an internship without a good presentation of yourself. So, how do you create a fabulous presentation? There are many tips on how to write a perfect internship CV.

First of all, it should be truly yours. Avoid pretending to be another personality, because someone is looking especially for you. Second, try not to overestimate your requirements – prestigious companies are looking for those who are ready to start with simple steps. We prepared this guide especially for you! Read the advice you can find here and at a writing service and upgrade your skills on completing the perfect CV!

Look at other Internship CV samples

Business people waiting for job interview, holding internship CV. Job interview concept.

If you are faced with completing a CV for the first time, please, follow the structure of other CVs. Mostly, every resume has a basic structure, but you can fill it with your details. Taking samples into consideration will help you concentrate on what information you want to add in a custom CV. Follow the structure of the most suitable sample for your situation or try to create a CV in such services as Resume.io, Free Resume Builder, or Resumaker.

Include only the most important details

Newbies often overuse many unnecessary facts in their CVs. To be honest, recruiters don’t read all the info you write about yourself. Make sure you are precise with your contact details, desired position, and main skills. Don’t forget to mention your education and previous experience. This experience should concern the current position. If it does not, consider cutting it.

Be honest in your Internship CV.

Everybody knows that getting an internship is not an easy process. The candidate has to meet the requirements of the company or organisation. Sometimes, these requirements are often exaggerated. A big mistake you can make is to follow this pattern of exaggeration and embellish your CV indecently. If you don’t have some demanded skills, but you are a great specialist in adjacent works, you can mention it as one of your benefits.Moreover, you can mention any past relevant voluntary work.

Internship Program Concept. Female job seeker holding internship programme.

Dig into the company’s details

Learn carefully what this internship is about. Don’t hesitate to visit the website and decide if it is really what you are looking for. Learn what the company or organisation needs from an applicant and try to complete the CV according to the company’s requirements.

Write a great Internship CV summary

Your summary profile is the most active part of your internship CV. Most recruiters are not interested in the dates of your education or how many degrees you’ve received. Write the most passionate piece by including two or three brief sentences about your general experience. It’s not necessary to describe every skill in detail. For these points, you can highlight a separate section.

Mention your interests

Companies providing internships want to know what is really important for their candidates. You might think that this section in your internship CV will not play a big role in your internship, but some recruiters are curious about who their applicants really are. Introduce yourself with these beneficial aspects.

 stylish young man writing down in copybook, taking notes.

Add social media

Your account in social media can have a decisive factor in your potential internship. Present the links of your Facebook, Instagram, or other account, where an employer can see more about you than in your CV. Yes, people sometimes pretend just a little in their photos, but it won’t influence the total impression of the lifestyle they present in the news feed.

Double-check contact info

Yes, we’ve told you earlier about the contact information you should include, but be sure that you listed your phone number and email address correctly. Sometimes, an employer will like an applicant’s CV and want to contact them, but the connection fails, or they don’t get a response from the listed phone or email. Include only the number and email that you’re using especially for the internship search.

What are you waiting for?

Be brave – and after checking up all aspects of your internship CV, you can send it to your favorite company. Don’t be too idealistic in following all the rules represented in many internet sources. Companies are looking for individuality, and it can be you!

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