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Attracting The Best Candidates To Your Job Adverts

Published: Sunday 12th March 2017

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Attracting the best candidates for your job adverts is easier said than done. You want your company to stand out and garner the very best candidate attraction, but simply putting your advert out on a job board (like Zoek) is not enough. It is important to make your company stand out from the competition as being the best, most reputable and most desirable company to work for, in order to sell your company to the very best candidates. 

Consider what makes your company different from the competition. Why should the best candidates want to work with you? What is the work culture like? Consider how you can answer these questions and then emphasise this message in your communications with candidates. A positive work environment within a reputable company needs to be communicated in order for potential candidates to see your company’s worth. 

The best candidates are often those most interested in maximising their potential, so it’s a good idea to highlight the promotions and career progression that would be available to the right person. Skilled workers who are in high demand can afford to be selective about the jobs they choose, but if your company can offer them greater career progression in the long run, they may be more attracted to your company that can allow them to develop their skills. 

Attracting Candidates With Your Job Advert’s Description

Your job description must be attention grabbing and evocative of your company’s style and work culture. If you are looking for a bright and innovative individual, it is important that your job description reflects this. 

A candidate will decide what jobs to apply for based on the job description, the responsibilities they will have and how the position is communicated. Clear, fresh and exciting job descriptions will attract a high calibre of candidates, whereas vague or uninteresting descriptions will turn people off immediately. 


When you’re looking for the perfect candidate, it can be tempting to be quite harsh with your shortlisting. However, this means you could end up with just one or two candidates to interview, and you will end up having to repeat your advertising process all over again. Instead, aim for a wider pool of shortlisted candidates to select from, so you can be sure you haven’t left your potential top candidate out in the cold. 

Preparing For The Interview

It’s not just candidates who need to prepare for interview. The interview process is a way for both the candidate and the company to get to know each other to see if they are a good fit. With this in mind, the interview is just as much a test for your company as it is for the candidate. 

Assemble an experienced team for the interview panel, and make sure that the panel accurately reflects your company. It can also help to have current employees working in a similar position on the panel, as they can relate to the candidate and answer their questions about the job genuinely. 

The interview structure must be solid, and the interview questions should be challenging, stimulating and based on the job requirements. Read up on the 70/30 rule (ensure the candidate talks for 70 percent of the interview, and the interviewer for 30 percent) and ensure it is in force throughout the interview. 

Be Clear About Your Expectations

Although you want to attract an excellent candidate, you need to be very clear about what the job entails and what your expectations are. If you misrepresent the job during the interview, your new employee will probably want to leave soon after being employed, as the job is not what they were expecting. 

Fully explain the job role and ensure that the candidate understands what the job entails during the interview process. This way, you can attract the best candidates who actually want to do the job you are advertising. 

Securing Your Candidate

Once you have selected your ideal candidate and they have accepted the position, it’s a good idea to follow up with all of the necessary paperwork and contracts as soon as possible, so that the candidate can feel secure regarding their new employment and you can feel secure knowing that they are not going to back out. 

After you have welcomed them on board, it’s a good idea to have a probation period so you can iron out any teething problems and ensure that both parties are happy with the match. This gives you an easy way out if your new employee does not meet your standards, but it also gives your new employee the chance to see if the job is really what they want. 

Probation periods vary, but they usually last around six months, and can solve a lot of problems in the long run. 

Your company deserves the very best candidates, but only if you present yourself as such. The best candidates want a company that is reputable, secure and desirable to work for, so ensure you put this across in your job description and present yourself as an attractive opportunity for such candidates. 

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