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The benefits of recruiting women in Engineering

Published: Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Technology has ingrained in our lives and impacts it every day. The organisation who develop the best products and services command the best position in this diverse and competitive marketplace. For creating enhanced technology, businesses can benefit from a diverse workforce. One of the most significant and practical ways to create a diverse workplace culture is through hiring women in engineering.

For businesses in the UK, their workforce must be representative of the population. Increasing women in engineering or STEM field is one way to do that. According to the Women’s Engineering Society (WES), women make up just 12.3% of all engineers in the UK and only 1 in 5 work in the wider engineering sectors. In the past few years, there has been a lot of prominence to increase the number of women who study STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths). And although there have been slight changes in the current landscape for women engineers, there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

beautiful woman civil engineer close up portrait in front of a sunset background. women in engineering concept

Benefits of recruiting women in Engineering

For the technology industries to be successful, creating a diverse workforce is vital. Hiring more women is one way to accomplish that while the benefits the company gains are innumerable.

Top rated talent

Colleges or schools with highly regarded engineering courses have a higher female to male ratio, this means that females interested in technology get admission to better engineering courses as compared to their male counterparts. So, the organisations need to make their recruiting process, whether it is offline or online recruiting more female-friendly. This will increase the likelihood of getting skilled and knowledgeable candidates from good universities as well as the number of female applicants.

Generate new problem-solving ideas

Male and Female Industrial Engineers Have Discussion while Using Tablet Computer. They Work in a Heavy Industry Manufacturing Factory.

Problem-solving is all about using logic and imagination as it helps makes sense of the situation and come up with an intelligent idea. Teams that are homogenous are more likely to approach an issue in a similar way, limiting all potential solutions available. On the other hand, heterogeneous teams can explore and approach problems that come up from different angles. As a result, the more diverse your team is, the better chances you’ll have to approach a problem from different viewpoints.

Increase bottom line by recruiting women in Engineering

While only 12% of women are engineers and there are over 6.1 million jobs in Engineering in the UK dominated by males. The companies need to hire more women engineers and there is evidence that more women mean higher profits. According to the Peterson Institute for International Economics analysis having at least 30% of women in the leadership roles add 6% to net profit margins. This data came from analysing around 22,000 companies all over the world across various industries and sectors.

Young female candidate laughing at job interview

These are just a few of the benefits the organisations can gain with hiring women in engineering. However, understanding and communicating the benefits of hiring diversity is a vital practice. If you are looking to improve your engineering recruitment process, then visit Zoek UK for affordable job advertising packages tailored to your business needs.

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