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Breaking Down Talent Barriers With Remote Working

Published: Thursday 18th June 2020

Covid-19 has managed to turn remote working from a growing trend into the new norm almost overnight.  And although the benefits of remote working for employees are well known, what are the advantages for the employers? Can remote working break down talent barriers and set a game changer to help companies attract top talent globally?

From a recruitment standpoint, remote work can revolutionise a company’s hiring process. It enables hiring managers to access a broader pool of candidates, meet candidate expectations easier while offering an opportunity to expand diversity recruiting initiatives. So, here’s how remote working policies can break down talent barriers and help businesses tackle skills and talent shortages.

Access Global Talent Pools Through Remote Working

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Businesses may often face lack of access to diverse local talent pools. Through remote work, hiring managers can cast a much wider net, reaching into cities and markets on a global scale, that would otherwise be tough to leverage due to geographical distances. Consequently, employers can easily offer a job to the right international candidate, without them having to relocate. Working from home, will allow them to work from anywhere, anytime increasing their chances of accepting job offers.

Gaining access to a global talent pool is also one of the most effective ways to bring into your company different perspectives. Diversity can offer businesses a slew of benefits such as increased productivity and creativity, greater profits, improved employee engagement and reduced employee turnover. In addition, employing a diverse workforce can improve company reputation, offer a wider range of skills, and bring in cultural insights through a more worldly office environment.

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Find The Right Employees

By leveraging a global remote workforce, it’s possible to tap into a much larger range of applicants, giving recruiters and hiring managers the chance to find candidates who are experts in their fields. If the best developer for your project lives in Germany but your company is based in the UK, remote working makes it possible to hire that person, hence the best candidate for your vacancy.

Remote Working Is A Pathway to Inclusion

By embracing remote work, companies can take on all types of workers they would otherwise miss out on. There are many talented people out there who either cannot or choose not to work anywhere but home. These candidates though, still deserve an equal opportunity to develop their careers.

Stay at home african mom working remotely on laptop and helping her child with homework, using tablet and laptop

For instance, stay-at-home parents are one of these personas who can only work from home. Now more than ever, parents are choosing to stay at home not only to save money on childcare but also to be closer to their kids. Moreover, freelancers set another group that employers can target through remote working policies. And while steadily moving more and more towards a gig economy, employing freelancers has several advantages such as saving money and avoiding payroll taxes.

Remote working is surely breaking down the talent barriers in a way that is beneficial for both employers and the employees. If you are ready to find the best talent and build the most effective remote team, register with Zoek today and find quality, better-matched candidates faster.

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