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Creative Job Titles Can Alienate Suitable Candidates

Published: Friday 24th August 2018

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These days, many companies use creative job titles to try and appeal to more job candidates. But although having a Director of Fun, a Chief Inspiration Officer or a Sales Ninja will surely make a company stand out, these ‘out-of-the-box’ job titles could be doing more harm than good and actually mean that businesses are missing out on the most suitable candidates.

When employers or recruiters create unique titles, they forget that most job seekers nowadays look for new jobs digitally, either using search engines, job boards or social media. Out-of-the-box titles make it much harder to reach the target candidates, who are unlikely to search for the title used. While unique titles can help attract attention, employers should make sure not to choose something that could easily confuse job seekers. By looking at the job search from the position of the job seeker, employers and recruiters can work out their best approach. What titles will the ideal candidates most likely be searching for when they log onto common job boards or when they are googling to find out about new positions? What job title will get seen by most of the candidates? These are the job titles that a client will want to use in the job ad. By using standard terminology and relevant keywords, traffic and response rates will be increased and a much larger talent pool can be reached.

Using standard terminology doesn’t mean the job title has to be boring.  It is perfectly acceptable using engaging language to entice candidates, as long as the title truthfully represents the job. Job seekers often use their job title to be able to identify their next role. Having an effective job title and description in place will not only mean access to a larger talent pool but an increase in the quality of qualified candidates contacting a client or company. Because of the transparency of a clear job title, job seekers will also be better able to recognise their own suitability for the position before they apply.  When creating a new job title, recruiters should make sure it matches the job description of the role they are looking to fill. The title should describe the type of work that a candidate would be hired to carry out, as well as the level they are expected to be at, such as ‘entry level’. If the position requires a particular type of industry experience or if the posting is for a niche position, clarify that in the job title. It’s also best to avoid using acronyms or abbreviations in job titles. When using full and correct spelling and grammar, search visibility will be optimized.

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