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Even wonder what it takes to be a great recruiter?

Published: Wednesday 17th October 2018

Whether you work in a HR department or a recruitment firm, the better you are at what you do, then the more value you can bring to your organisation or the agency you work for. But what exactly makes a great recruiter? Recruiters don’t always come from HR backgrounds. Experience in any number of field can foster good recruiting skills, especially if you’re hiring from a specialist niche. But you will need certain skills and characteristics that will help you along the way.

Happy female employee

People skills

Recruitment is all about people, so naturally, that means communicating with people, whether they’re candidates, clients or other colleagues within your own organisation – and building relationships.

As a recruiter, statistically, you may have to reject more candidates than you hire, yet still, maintain good relationships with those people, so they stay in touch for more suitable future openings. So it’s important that you are good humoured, personable and get on with all types of people.

It’s equally important to be a good listener, as it’s only through listening that you’ll be able that you will be able to get to know a candidate in-depth and be able to read between the lines to uncover insights that can help you place someone with the right company or role.

Female selling a service over the phone

Sales skills

The recruitment business is all about targets – even if you’re just part of a HR team in your own company. Securing the best talent is incredibly competitive, which is why many recruiters are former sales people. You will need sales skills that are second-to-none if you want to secure the best candidates and contracts ahead of rival companies and agencies.

This is especially true if you’re working in a recruitment agency, as you won’t only be competing with other agencies, you could be competing with the colleague next to you for the lion’s share of performance related pay, or shared bonuses.

Act honestly

Rightly or wrongly, the recruitment industry has a reputation for treating candidates badly. Whether it’s not responding to calls or emails, providing feedback, or writing misleading job posts, it’s up to you to make sure you aren’t tarred with the same brush. If you want to get a reputation for being a great recruiter, you need to be professional, reliable and transparent. When it comes to the good and the bad about the roles you advertise.

Diagram with text around marketing

Marketing skills

Of course, if no one knows you’re recruiting, you won’t do much recruiting. That’s why having solid marketing skills is vitally important when it comes to getting the word out. Fortunately, today, job advertising is easier than ever with the proliferation of job boards and social media. Perhaps the biggest problem there is finding the most suitable one for your job posts.

One key area that is still important today for recruiters is networking. And that’s where you can put those people skills we mentioned earlier to good use.

Talking of marketing and finding the best job boards for your recruitment needs, if you’re ready to begin hiring for your latest jobs vacancies, start by visiting our job site at Zoek.

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