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Find the right candidate: How to advertise a job opening

Published: Friday 17th March 2017

If you’re an employer searching for the right candidate for your vacant position, you want to ensure that your job is found by the right people. Attracting the right candidate means ensuring that you can advertise a job that is appealing, easy to understand and easy to find. 

Female being interviewed over the phone

When you advertise your job opening, you should focus on job boards, online recruitment websites like Zoek and job recruitment apps that allow prospective employees to be matched to the jobs that best suit their qualifications and skillsets. 

How to attract the right candidate

In order to make your job opening interesting and appealing, you need to be very clear as to what the job vacancy actually entails. A lack of clarity in your job description will turn people off straight away if it is not obvious what you are looking for. 

The job specification will outline exactly what the job entails so that potential candidates can determine whether or not they can fill the role. Writing a job specification also helps you to identify the education, skills and qualifications necessary for the job, and it will also help you describe the type of personality you think would best fit the role. 

When advertising for a job, try to list all of the responsibilities that the employee would have, who they would report to, and what would be expected of them. Do they need to be creative? Independent? Will they be required to work as part of a team? What would a typical day look like? What skills would be beneficial? 

While writing your job specification, you will find that the person specification comes quite naturally. Both of these elements are vital to ensuring that the correct candidate matches himself or herself to your role. 

Make your job advert enticing

Advertise a job Newspaper article with a job advert for skilled labourer

Job adverts are like anything online these days – they have to capture someone’s attention before they move on. Your job advert will probably appear on one or more job boards that will take the job title, location, salary and crucially the first part of the job description. Craft your opening paragraph with that in mind – write it such that a potential job candidate want to read more.

Using keywords

Once you have decided what your job truly entails and what the most important skills are, it is important to write your job advertisement with these in mind. 

Consider how potential candidates will find your job. They will search on job sites and apps using certain keywords that are based upon their skills and qualifications. Your position title as well as the skills and qualifications you list should be written with this in mind. What is your potential candidate most likely to search for? 

As well as this, it is important to make your job sound as appealing and interesting as you want it to appear. It is usually not enough to simply list the responsibilities and desired qualifications. If you are looking for an enthusiastic and creative employee, then it is necessary for your job advertisement to capture that tone. You want to grab attention, and the way to do that is with an exciting description that truly captures the vibe and buzz of your workplace. Write for the kind of person you are hoping to hire. 

Where to advertise your job opening

There are hundreds of job sites across the UK. As well as this, new jobs apps such as Zoek allow you to easily upload your vacancy to job seekers in your area that have the skills you are looking for. It has never been easier advertise a job opening, nor has it ever been easier to reach a wide audience of skilled professionals in an instant. 

Zoek app on a phone

It’s important to choose a job site or app that you think will open up your job to the widest number of skilled applicants, so you don’t have to wade through hundreds of irrelevant applications. Consider the skills and qualifications you have listed in your job specification before deciding where to advertise your job opening. Based on the person specification you have created, you can contact various job boards and see if they have the kind of people you are looking for – they will be able to tell you if they cater to the kind of candidate you want. 

It can also help to advertise on more specialist job sites. Although this means that your job will reach fewer people, it is more likely that candidates from your niche sector will see the job, and it will save you from having to deal with applications from people who don’t have the skills or qualifications your job needs. 

How to advertise your job opportunity

Once you have decided on the sites you want to post your job on, it is a straightforward process. Many job sites and apps have a simple form you can use that will allow you to post your job opening directly to the site. You will usually have to pay a small fee to do this.  

Responses to your job opening will be forwarded directly to you, usually via email. With handy job recruitment apps like Zoek, you will also be instantly connected with matches of potential candidates that match the criteria you have listed – making it even easier for you to find your perfect new employee. 

If you are a recruiter trying to fill job vacancies look no further than Zoek for better matching candidates. Go to and let Zoek help you achieve smarter, faster recruitment. For more top tips for recruiters, visit our Zoek hirer blog.

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