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Finding the freshest candidates

Published: Thursday 23rd March 2017

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It’s common for recruiters to talk about the size of their database of CVs or candidates. But behind the figures, how relevant is this measurement? Not at lot, we’d argue!

The problem is that these impressive figures, often in the hundreds of thousands, represent a total number of candidates over time. With a long-standing jobs board, these figures could well include candidates from 2, 5, even 10 years ago. How relevant would your CV be from 5 years ago?

Statistics show that a candidate (especially the better ones) are normally on the marketplace for approximately 3 weeks before finding a job. This means already that any CV over 2-3 months is quite possibly stale, let alone a CV for a candidate who registered several years ago.


With Zoek you’re tapping into a new rich seam of fresh candidates; a new job board naturally carries the freshest CVs. So if you’re looking to post a job advert and want bright, fresh candidates, try Zoek.

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