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How artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping Recruitment

Published: Thursday 8th November 2018

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is having an effect on almost every business sector. With major corporations such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft investing billions in applications, AI technology is set to have an impact on nearly every industry sector and niche, including recruitment.

Robot pointing to virtual data

Of course, recruiters have always used technology in their ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), to make their jobs easier and the recruitment process more efficient, but due to its perceived complexity, the uptake of AI has been slower. But there are huge advantages for HR professionals and recruitment agencies who take the time to learn what it can do.

The benefits of AI technology

One of the most time-consuming tasks when recruiting is screening CVs. In fact, 52% of HR professionals and recruitment consultants say that the most difficult part of recruiting identifying the most suitable candidates from a large application pool. AI technology solves this by automating high volume, repetitive tasks, such as those involved with ATS. Ultimately taking a lot of the drudgery out of the recruitment process. Especially in online recruiting. If you operate a job board, for instance, this can make your day-to-day work a lot easier. By sourcing, screening and shortlisting candidates, AI technology does a lot of the heavy duty ground work. Giving recruiters more time to provide that all-important human connection to candidates.

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One additional benefit of AI technology is that it can remove bias, whether conscious or subconscious, from the recruitment process so you start with the most gender and culturally diverse applicant pool.

Taking AI further

But where AI technology really comes to life is through its machine-learning capabilities. AI uses the data it accrues to get improve targeting and results, getting progressively better over time. This means recruiters are able to do much more with less. This could account for the recent spate of start-ups in the sector, providing more applications and functionality when it comes to AI and recruitment.

For instance, AI chatbots can now question candidates based on the job’s requirements, providing feedback, and using the answers to customise the next stages of the recruitment journey.

AI can also improve the quality of hire – one of main KPIs for recruiters. This lies in AI’s ability to use data to standardise and improve matching between candidate attributes and the requirements for the role. Which, in turn, leads to happier, more productive employees.

This technology is designed to integrate and accelerate your current processes. Meaning you’re less likely to miss out on the best candidates to your competitors.

Artificial intelligence on mobile devices graphic

Ready to put AI to work in your business?

Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of scepticism out there. This is understandable when HR professionals are being constantly being bombard with the latest developments in recruitment trends. But the results say it all. To date, AI’s effectiveness in the recruitment industry is very impressive. Some companies have seen their costs reduced by 75% for each candidate screening. Revenue per employee has jumped up 4% and staff turnover decrease by 35%. Which might be why so many recruitment agencies and consultants are integrating the technology into their job sites.

At Zoek, we’re continuing to invest in latest AI technology. This is to ensure our clients get the best value and results from their recruitment budget. Find out just how effective that can be for your business by starting your next recruitment campaign with Zoek UK.

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