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How Manufacturing Employers Can Attract Better Candidates

Published: Tuesday 9th June 2020

Due to the recent surge in manufacturing businesses, you must be facing the dire need of recruiting highly skilled candidates. To stand out amongst the most desired manufacturing employers, you can follow certain tips for recruitment of the best candidates in your workforce. In this post, we will provide the best measures that manufacturing employers can undertake for effective candidate attraction. 

Manufacturing Employers Should Define Clear Job Profiles

Jobs in manufacturing require certain skills that a candidate must possess. In order to get comparatively better candidates, you’ll need to simplify the specific job responsibilities. A mistake which many manufacturing employers make is not putting enough thought in defining a specific job profile. As a hirer, you know the exact requirement for your company. Don’t fill up high number of job responsibilities for a single candidate. Manufacturing process requires teamwork and skilled individuals mastering their designated roles. Be clear in your job descriptions. For instance, a candidate to be hired in planning department does not have to be a manufacturing software expert. Simplify the profile in order to elevate your candidate attraction. 

Manufacturing Employers Can Use Multiple Digital Platforms

Due to the digital revolution, recruitment procedures have become more dynamic. You cannot hope for good candidates to search your website and apply in the career section. As a manufacturing employer, you need to utilise platforms like LinkedIn, job portals, social media in order to advertise the image of your manufacturing organization. Be active on these platforms. Promote your products wisely in order to create a brand of your company. This is an effective mode of candidate attraction which gives high results in finding the right person for your manufacturing unit. 

Happy manual worker handshaking with African manager who is visiting factory with her colleague, manufacturing employers

Propose Something Beyond ‘Money’

Manufacturing employers feel that high salary packages are enough to attract the better candidates. But nowadays, candidates have other priorities too. Primarily, money is the major attraction but jobs in manufacturing give rise to questions like: Career satisfaction, promotion opportunities, medical safety, pension plans, etc. Therefore, offering incentive schemes could go a long way. A major factor of candidate attraction these days is ‘job security’. As a recruiter, you must propose and emphasise on the ability of your manufacturing company to look after the candidate for the long term. This confidence provides a sense of faith in a company and is an evergreen way to attract better candidates for the right jobs in manufacturing. 

Invite Potential Candidates

special reserved day for this activity won’t hamper your manufacturing output heavily. Arrange an all-inclusive meet of eager candidates and skilled professionals at your organisation. You can collaborate with local colleges and post requirements for such an exposure. Doing this will accelerate your recruitment process as candidates will know more about your manufacturing company and get a chance at interacting freely with the existing staff and management. 

Three Industrial Engineers Talk with Factory Worker while Using Laptop. They Work at the Heavy Industry Manufacturing Facility.

Interact With Unemployed Candidates & Students

An often overlooked workforce, manufacturing employers can get better and fresh candidates for recruitment who are currently unemployed. Don’t be hesitant to reach such candidates. Contacting local colleges and universities can promote your manufacturing business and attract the next generation candidates into your business. This gives a sense of interest in your company and promotes the image of your manufacturing business as an optimistic place of work.     

Apart from judging candidates based on their relevant qualifications, skills and experience, manufacturing employers can practice the above-mentioned tips to attract better candidates for their company. If you’re looking to recruit for manufacturing jobs, Zoek can help you find the right candidates, offering affordable solutions. Just visit Zoek and explore the hirer portal at your convenience. 

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