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How To Attract Students Who Have Just Received Their A-Level Results

Published: Thursday 13th August 2015

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Most recruiters and HR professionals are aware that students have a great deal to offer an employer. But, targeting students who are just starting out in their careers can often be more difficult than finding candidates for specific roles, who have all of the relevant work experience needed.

On a day like today, A-Level results day, there are thousands of students deciding which path to take as they leave schools and colleges up and down the country. For employers with job vacancies to fill, what are the benefits in hiring a student and what is the best route to take in securing the perfect candidate.

Building for the future – why employ a student?

The most successful businesses are those that look further ahead and design their recruitment programmes with the future in mind. And that means recruiting school leavers and young people in addition to older, more experienced workers.

Although a student who has just completed their A-Level results will usually be less experienced than an older candidate, he or she may have greater potential for development and will usually be better able to adapt to the changes that are an integral part of modern working life.

A school leaver’s lack of experience will, of course, mean a more junior position within a business, however, students offer employers a bright and enthusiastic, albeit inexperienced, employee.  Businesses should identify jobs that are suitable for school leavers and ensure they draft their job descriptions and person specifications accordingly.

In addition to filling suitable existing roles with school leavers, businesses should also think about planning for the future by creating opportunities specifically designed for school leavers and young persons, such as Apprenticeships, School Leaver Programmes, and Internships. Doing so helps to ensure that a business not only plans for the future but also attracts the best young talent. These types of initiatives can be so rewarding for businesses who give back to younger talent by helping them progress through their career from such a young age.

How to tailor a job description for a student?

Before advertising a job, an employer should take the time to review the job role carefully. In particular, an employer should consider what qualifications, skills and experience is actually required in order to properly perform that job.  It may be that the key attributes of the post-holder are, for example, intelligence and diligence rather than past experience.

Job descriptions and person specifications should focus on the core tasks of the job and the essential attributes of the post-holder instead of inadvertently calling for unnecessary or irrelevant experience, skills or qualifications which could put suitable candidates, many of which could be students, off from applying.

Advertising for a student employee

Employers wishing to attract students who have just completed their A-Levels should consider how and where their job vacancies are advertised.

School and college leavers are more likely to use social media than more traditional recruitment publications or their local newspapers when looking for a job. It, therefore, makes sense for employers to advertise vacancies on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages as well as circulating them via Twitter. Many recruitment agencies do this now as standard practice, as the effective method is proven to increase awareness within the younger generation of job seekers.

In addition to social media, advertising your vacancies on a mobile job board is another way to attract students to the roles you are recruiting for. Mobile job boards like Zoek use smart job matching technology to send push notifications to their users with only the roles which meet specific requirements. The smart technology gives students job opportunities at the touch of a button and the app is free for them to download.

So, if you find yourself with job vacancies which could benefit from the fresh outlook and enthusiasm of a student, why not consider changing your job specification to target this audience. Thousands of students will be searching the job market from today, looking for their first step on the career ladder so make sure you don’t miss out on this great talent.

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