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How To Choose The Right Job Board When Placing Job Adverts?

Published: Wednesday 1st April 2015

A job board is one of the best places to advertise your job online. The work that goes into creating them, and the impact they have on candidates, is phenomenal, and they can be a useful way to get applicants and eventually a perfect candidate for the position. But they do need choosing first, as there are hundreds. In this article we will look at ways you can ensure that the job board you choose is the right one for you and your online job advertising.

Perhaps the obvious consideration, first of all, is the audience of the job board. You need to be clear on the audience you are advertising to. If the job board mainly has an audience of people who are looking for sales and marketing jobs, for example, it is utterly pointless advertising your teaching job on there. Think about the audience for the job board you are advertising on, and if it is relevant to your needs. Make your decision as to whether or not you will advertise on a general or niche job board. These two are pretty much what they say they are. General job boards will advertise a wide range of jobs from a vast array of industries and sectors. They will cover all kinds of different roles and careers, and they could be right for you if your person spec is not as tied down as it might be. 

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You could consider niche job boards for your online job advertising, one that covers the areas that you are focused on. There are some job boards that are entirely focused on healthcare, for example, and this could be perfect for you. This is why it is worth using job boards and ascertain which will suit your needs best. As a general rule of thumb, the more people that can apply for your job (as in background and experience) the more general the job board. When it comes to advertising your job on niche sites, there are a number of advantages that many people don’t see at first. For example, there is the opportunity to have less competition from other companies who are looking for the same positions to be filled. They may need exactly what you need, but they may not have thought to use a niche job board. This leaves a lot of candidates available to you.

When using a job board site it is important to see if there are similar vacancies to yours advertised on the site. If there aren’t, then it is highly likely that the site is useless to you. Job boards tend to get filled up with vacancies that their audience expect to see, so if your vacancy type isn’t on the board, then you probably can’t expect people to want to hear about your job.

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Obviously, it is also a good idea to see how many people actually use the site when you are considering online job advertising. There is a good reason for checking out such a figure. It enables you to see how many potential applicants you can get. Obviously you won’t be looking at 2 million applicants for example, but the larger the audience, the larger the potential. A good way to drill down here is to see how many applicants there are for each position. This way you can get a general feel for how successful the job board will be for you. The best job boards do much more than just offer jobs to applicants. They also give recruiters a lot more value. For example, it is not uncommon for some niche job boards to actually offer alert functions and other aspects that really make it easier for the recruiter to gain extra value from the experience.

Such aspects could include access to a CV database, for example. All these things combined, on the best job boards, give recruiters a lot more value and a more productive experience. It is worth looking at the niche sites and trying to find one that best suits your needs, and also offers enough bells and whistles to make the experience exciting and engaging. Consider a job board as being one place where you can advertise your job. It certainly isn’t the only place, and there are many reasons why you may want to spread your job advertising a little wider. But for ease of use and the potential to get some good candidates quickly, there are not many channels for recruitment that are better than the online job board – except the next generation job search apps! 

Job search apps make recruitment even faster and more effective. Apps such as Zoek send an instant app notification to candidates that match your requirements as soon as you post your job. This means you will only receive applications from candidates matched to your requirements, unlike job boards, and the instant notifications will help you to fill your position even faster. Remember to have a good look at the job boards, or app, and see if it fits your needs and whether or not it has the right audience. Some won’t, and the clearer you are about what those needs are the quicker you will settle on a board or app that simply brings results.

If you are a recruiter trying to fill jobs with the ideal candidates why not start advertising your job vacancies on Zoek! Register here and let Zoek help you achieve faster, smarter recruitment. For more top tips for recruiters, visit our Zoek Hirer Blog.


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