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How To Choose The Right Job Title For Your Job Adverts

Published: Tuesday 31st March 2015

We know, it sounds a little silly because the job title for your job adverts is simply the job title, right? Well, kind of. Don’t forget that there are often many ways to refer to a job, and even some more modern terminology too. So it is always worthwhile thinking carefully about what you call your job when you advertise a job to jobseekers online. The fact is that jobseekers will search for a job by its job title. This is the way it is. It makes it easy for them and it makes it easy for job ad providers. Simply search for a job title like ‘Accountant’ and plenty of opportunities should come up. Some jobseekers even set up special email alerts that tell them when their chosen job title has come up.

Female searching for a new job

So if you choose to set up your job title in job adverts so that it is clearly linked to a search term that your perfect jobseeker will use, there is a good chance that the email will reach them with your job up there having pride of place. It is vitally important that you title your job correctly, and tailor the title to the needs of the person who wants a job. What do we mean by this? Well, there has been a tendency in recent years to give the most normal of jobs grandiose and exciting titles. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but it does absolutely nothing for the jobseeker. The jobseeker looking for a job will simply enter the search terms that make most sense to him or her. 

For example, a job title of ‘waste relocation facilitator’ will sound great in the boardroom, but a person looking for a job online would probably respond better to the term ‘refuse collector’. While this may sound like a little too obvious, there has been a clear slant towards giving jobs of all kinds titles that are not just grandiose, but also downright confusing too. For example, one recent howler in this regard was the ‘guest services agent’. If you can guess which job this is referring to, well done. Many of us would just own up and say that we would find it hard to believe that a guest services agent was a receptionist. A receptionist does fantastic work and is a valuable member of the team. And the title suits them. Guest services agent just confuses a jobseeker.

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Then we get to ‘brand champion’. You may be thinking here that this is a person within a Marketing Team helping to brand a company and it’s products. You would be wrong, in a way. The title ‘brand champion’ has been used in the past to describe a sales assistant. Now again, this doesn’t mean that we think the sales assistant is anything but an incredible part of retail, but they are widely known as a sales assistant. Why confuse people with telling them to go and see a brand champion with their query? This highlights a serious problem. The more companies decide that it is okay to use convoluted job titles in job adverts, the more jobseekers will find it difficult to work out what it is they are applying for. 

What You Need To Do:

When you are , aim to strike a clear and sensible tone. Imagine that you met someone in the street and you had to convince him or her to apply for your job. What words and terms would you use to explain the job to them? It is worth considering the best and simplest terms, because these are what people respond to most readily. If jobseekers can understand what a job is by the title, they are more likely to want to apply.

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Not to mention those email alerts. The jobseeker will simply type in what he or she expects to see alerts for.  Brand champion will have no chance against sales assistant or sales executive. It just doesn’t make sense. Choose a commonly used title for your job adverts. Do this and your ad will be seen by more of the right people, people who can offer the skills and experience you need in your organisation.

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