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How to find job seekers in Milton Keynes

Published: Friday 20th March 2015

It may be known as the home of the concrete cows, or perhaps one of Britain’s 1960s ‘new towns’ but there’s much more to Milton Keynes than bovine street art and town. There are certain things that make a place more attractive to want to work in – and Milton Keynes has a lot of them. There’s something to be said for creating a new town with a completely blank slate. You don’t have the blight of declining industry to contend with, and all that brings with it such as dilapidated vacant factories and mills or unemployment numbers hitting tens of thousands as a town drags itself from the industrial into the digital age.

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The new towns such as Milton Keynes, Telford and Skelmersdale benefited from clever town planning (despite the controversial number of roundabouts, another thing the town is famous for), excellent transport links and, most importantly, a desire to succeed. And it is that desire, on the part of the local authorities, businesses and its residents, that has seen Milton Keynes named as one of the most dynamic regions in the country with the number of jobs tripling in the last 35 years.

In fact, Milton Keynes saw the highest growth in jobs out of the biggest 64 towns and cities in Britain in the last 10 years. The population of Milton Keynes is significantly younger the national average. Nearly 23% of its local population is aged 16 and under. That figure has to have implications for employers in the area considering apprenticeship schemes in the near future. That demographic goes a long way towards creating the kind of dynamic local economy that Milton Keynes can boast.

Northampton, UK

Another factor is its amount of affordable commercial space with the Estate Gazette placing it first in the country outside the M25 for office property growth. When it comes to the facts and figures for businesses in MK, the professional, scientific and technical sectors are what it prides itself on as these occupy the greatest number of business units. However, the retail sector is the largest employer in the town.

As the new kid on the block, Milton Keynes learned pretty quickly how to attract big names. It is home to the British headquarters of such household names as Argos, Domino’s Pizza, Mercedes Benz, Suzuki and Volkswagen AG and, one to make a real noise about, Marshall Amps. In fact, Jim Marshall lived in the town later in his life. It’s just one of the things that will hit a high note with top-notch candidates looking for a job in Milton Keynes.

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