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How to recruit an effective team

Published: Thursday 16th March 2017

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Recruiting, motivating and retaining an effective team is vitally important for most businesses. But, as recruitment specialists know, that isn’t always an easy task. There are many factors to consider when you are asked to help hire a team of people. You need to devote time and effort to getting it right.

In practice, hiring a strong, effective team for a company comes down to several key factors:

Knowing The Company Culture

The best performing businesses have strong cultures. The values are consistently communicated to staff so everyone in the company understands the corporate vision and what the firm is all about. Try to make sure you understand the culture of the company you are recruiting for.

Getting The Message Across

Employees are more productive when they trust and believe in the business they work for. You’ll provide a group of employees that hiring managers will be pleased with if they are clear about the business they may be working for.

Looking In The Right Places player

To hire a dream team it’s important that you focus your selection process on people you know are going to make great team players. This starts with the job description, so don’t just state that you’re looking for a team player; be specific. Say exactly what it is you want this person to bring to the role and how their strengths will be used as part of the team. While you’re recruiting people for their skills sets, ask yourself how the qualities of individual candidates will fit together in advancing the project or attaining company goals.

What Makes A Great Team Player?

Here’s what to look out for:

Enthusiasm – Great team players will be positive and enthusiastic about the project, eager to find out more and develop good relationships with other members of the team.

Adaptable – Candidates must be proactive, not content to sit on the sidelines, but get involved and proactively work at finding ways of achieving continuous improvement.

Communication – Of course, communication skills are a pre-requisite for most roles. When it comes to a team player, you’re looking for someone who can voice concerns, get ideas across, not be afraid to speak out, while all the time listening to and respecting the views of others.

Reliability – If one member of a team is unreliable, others can become de-motivated. Look for someone who can meet deadlines, keeps their word and delivers consistent quality.

And finally, learn from your mistakes

The hiring process sometimes goes wrong and mistakes in the hiring process can cause chaos to company projects. It’s important here to sit down and find out what the reasons were for failures during recruitment and how they can be avoided next time.

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