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How To Search For The Right Candidate

Published: Monday 13th April 2015

According to this article on the Entrepreneur website, ‘employment marketing’ is playing a bigger part in the recruitment process than ever before, especially for attracting the right candidate. Hiring managers and recruiters use a more creative approach to recruitment to attract attention, match the company culture and improve both the quality and quantity of CVs they receive. Employment marketing is even used to reach out to people who aren’t actively looking for another job, known as the ‘passive talent pool’. Techniques that are used in employment marketing include the use of email, social media and creative writing and employer branding

The Black Country is an undefined region in the West Midlands, located directly to the north and west of Birmingham. The area got its name in the 19th Century, due to the smoke from the many ironworking foundries and forges. The area has always been known for its accent and local phrases. So, could you use famous sayings from Birmingham and the Black Country to help you find bostin’ candidates? 

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Candidate Searching: Don’t Go Round The Wrekin 

Origin: The Wrekin is a large, famous hill in Shropshire, which can be seen from a large part of the Black Country.
How to use it: Candidates should get to the point quickly. Being garrulous is one thing, but most bosses would prefer to hire someone who is honest, straight-talking and takes full responsibility for their work.

Don’t Have It Dark When Candidate Sourcing

Origin: Used to describe people who take so long to finish a job, it’ll be dark by the time they finish the task.
How to use it: A Candidate shouldn’t take too long to get things done. Being a perfectionist can be a good thing, as long as it doesn’t mean it’ll take hours to draft the perfect email.

Realise When Something Isn’t Getting The Babby A Frock And Pinny

How to use it: A Candidate should know when to stop wasting time on something. Nobody likes to feel like they haven’t achieved what they set out to do, but sometimes it’s important to realise when a project or collaboration isn’t going anywhere.

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Don’t Have A Bob On Yourself When Looking For The Right Candidate

How to use it: Someone who has a ‘bob on himself or herself’ is someone who believes they are better than others. Although being confident is definitely a positive, it’s also important to be able to work with others and take advice from colleagues. In general, a strong team player makes a strong candidate.

Making Sure Employees Are In Their Oil Tot

Origin: Derived from working men having a tot of olive oil before drinking alcohol to line their stomachs and stop them getting drunk.
How to use it: Candidates will look for working conditions that leave them happy and satisfied. Describing a good workplace reputation in the job ad makes sense when you’re trying to find the best candidates.  

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