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Is trust a motivating force behind recent increases in Management jobs?

Published: Friday 18th September 2020

Businesses were thrown into economic turmoil by the COVID-19 pandemic. Small and large companies alike faced an unprecedented threat that left some unable to function. However relief came in the form of the governments furlough scheme. Unfortunately, pre-empting the end of government support, a number of businesses decided to undergo a restructuring process that nullified a number of high earning management jobs.

Employers put a pin in recruitment and some abruptly let staff go. After months of uncertainty, businesses are opening their doors and being encouraged to help employees get back to work with a sense of normality. Therefore, with more faith in their foundations, employers appear to have more trust in hiring managers to help lead the company forward. This had everyone crossing their fingers that the brunt of the storm has now passed.

Manager leads a boardroom meeting

Job seekers looking to find a job in management are likely to be aware of the growing number of positions available. Sectors such as healthcare, IT and business have seen the biggest boost. Zoek experienced an 890% increase in management jobs between July and August. This has shot up again in September, with a further 780% on the number of job adverts posted in August. Businesses seem to be trying to fill job vacancies that were either vacant prior to, or because of COVID-19. But where did all these management jobs come from?

Managers among the first to be made redundant

Managers were quickly identified as a luxury at a number of companies. Largely because their high salary was difficult to maintain whilst the business wasn’t operating. Even with the introduction of the furlough scheme, businesses used the time and support from the government to prepare for a post-coronavirus market. Restructuring their hierarchy to eliminate low to mid-level management positions. This means many were made redundant and the job position was left vacant or stepped into by a team leader. Those in this position often have very similar pay to those working around them. But can ensure their team gets the job done, without the planning, responsibility and strategy that comes with being a good manager.

Management jobs 

Now that employers are ready to start trusting staff to grow the business again, they’ve opened the floodgates for management job adverts. It’s important to remember, you don’t need management experience, to apply for some management jobs. Although this is preferred by a large number of employers. Show some initiative and share your ideas and experience, talk about why you’re perfect for a career in management. You could be seen as a budget option over experienced candidates – a big benefit in this economic climate. Managers with past experience in a related industry are going to be very hot property. Hirers will ideally be looking for ready-made talent to walk in and make an instant impact. All eyes are now on getting back on track towards a more profitable end to the year, and onwards into 2021.

Business hierarchy pyramid showing management jobs returning to the job market

Recruitment seems to have been taken off pause by most employers who have seen trading resume. But the hospitality and travel and tourism industries are set to continue to struggle, and the warehouse and distribution industry and IT industries have been the least affected. This has allowed them to get back to an almost normal level of work. But they’re also in the position to recruit more thought-leaders into their teams. Companies operating without line managers may have found they now need to fill the vacant management positions.

Maximising efficiency and productivity

Without a direct line manager, a department can be anywhere between 15% and 70% less productive. The majority of people will have no trouble being able to manage themselves. They will likely have been able to maintain the same level of work without a manager in the team. These are possibly candidates that could earn a promotion to management positions. On the other hand, some staff do not behave as expected when left without a manager or targets. They can suffer from a lack of motivation, and lose any real respect for the their job, only doing the bear minimum.

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