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How Zoek ranks job search results

Published: Wednesday 11th November 2020

If you’re considering hiring with Zoek, or using our flexible free organic model, then it’s perhaps not clear how we rank job search results. Job seekers will typically search by job title and location. This will provide a broad range of results, with sponsored jobs appearing highest, and organic job adverts always appearing lower down – even if they are more relevant to the search query.

Using multi-layered AI technology, we analyse a search query and structure the results like so…

  1. Most recently posted highly relevant sponsored jobs
  2. Highly relevant sponsored jobs
  3. Sponsored jobs with less relevance and keyword matches
  4. Older sponsored jobs with less relevance and keyword matches
  5. Recently posted highly relevant organic jobs
  6. Highly relevant organic jobs
  7. Organic jobs with less relevance and keyword matches
  8. Older organic jobs with less relevance and keyword matches

Pay per Application and Cost per Click jobs will also appear above those hirers who use our subscription model. If you’d like to find out more about this process, then you can watch the video below.

Why we rank job search results this way

We believe that those who are paying to find the perfect candidate deserve to have the most exposure. This helps ensure they receive traffic to their job adverts and more applications. This structure also benefits job seekers, because the first page of results is likely to contain several application opportunities.

How can you get your job adverts on the first page?

Firstly, you will most likely need to be using one of our paid models for your advert. Your advert will also need to be heavily keyword optimised. If you’re recruiting for a role, try and use the title job seekers will search for, like ‘Digital Marketing Executive’. Instead of ‘Social Media and Google AdWords Officer’. While you would possibly receive some relevant applications for someone searching for exactly that. There is going to be a much higher search volume coming from ‘Digital Marketing Executive’.

In the description of the job advert make sure you thoroughly expand on the role and include lots of related keywords. This is where you can mention social media, Google AdWords, SEO etc. Thereby maximising your job adverts visibility in job seeker search results and helping you appear on the first page in more searches.

AI Technology

Unlike other job boards, our AI technology can create more accurate and relevant job matches. Coupled with our Advanced Search feature, candidates who apply for the position you are advertising will very likely be highly relevant and have the correct skillset. If job seekers are registered with Zoek, we will also send them updates of new job matches based on their recently saved searches. Meaning your job advert could be emailed to candidates directly. This feature is only applicable to sponsored job adverts.

If you’d like to find out more about hiring with Zoek or discover the range of payment models we offer, you can contact our sales team via email.

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