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5 reasons to become a youth friendly employer

Published: Tuesday 29th September 2020

A shortage of skills, little or no work experience, economic uncertainty and a lack of confidence in the future have created a disconnect between young people and employers. There is no denying that some employers have negative views or misconceptions about hiring young employees. Furthermore, unconscious bias often leads them to think that young workers aren’t as loyal, are less motivated and productive. However, this is not the case at all! In fact becoming a youth friendly employer can help you and your business to reap all the benefits that younger generations have to offer…

So instead of questioning their preparedness for work, their basic skills and their attitudes, take a look at the advantage of employing young people that we have listed below.

Benefit from the youth as a youth friendly employer

Younger workers are used to change and instability. They are flexible, easy to adjust and interested in finding new opportunities. Moreover, they enjoy learning on the job, growing their networks, and increasing their skills. This motivation can make them much more valuable to employers than someone who is experienced but may be more set in their ways and just looking to earn some more cash.

group of young professionals sitting near the wall - youth friendly employer concept

Youth friendly employers help tackle skill shortages

Training young people as a youth friendly employer helps offset skill shortages. Improved labour supply and better retention ensure that businesses possess the skills they need to meet their current and future business goals.

Year-round access to tech savvy talent

In an active labour market, when vacancies can be hard to fill, young hires offer your business a steady stream of new candidates to consider. In connection to their flexibility young workers will also set an adaptable workforce that’s open to change. During difficult economic times your business as a youth friendly employer will benefit from reduced wage and salary costs due to their lower level of experience. When you hire a young employee–or any worker with minimal on-the-job experience–the new hire would logically start at a lower salary than more experienced workers doing the same job. Yes, a lower salary means lower wage expenses and tax contributions. At the same time though you will have access to a pool of tech savvy talent year-round, outside of the annual graduation cycle.

Bringing in new perspectives

cheerful satisfied millennial youth show like fine symbol

Younger employees can bring fresh ideas to your business. They come from a different generation with different ways of thinking. As a youth friendly employer, hiring young workers can be beneficial, in particular if you are trying to attract younger customers. Young employees can help create marketing ideas that appeal to their age group. A modern workplace that welcomes innovation and creativity will consequently, allow more growth opportunities to come in and new solutions to be laid on the table in overcoming different challenges.

Improve your employer brand by becoming an employer of choice

Supporting young people by providing work opportunities and being a youth friendly employer shows your support for human rights and workplace equality. As a result, this can reflect in better performance in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Ratings, highlighting your good corporate citizenship.

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