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Reasons to consider employing ex-offenders

Published: Thursday 15th October 2020

There is undoubtedly a stigma attached to employing ex-offenders. Almost 50% of UK organisations have admitted that they would not consider implementing an employment of ex-offenders policy. However, two-thirds of employers who hire ex-offenders have said that they would recommend this recruitment policy to other companies. 

Despite this, there is still a degree of uncertainty in this territory. When it comes to ex-offender friendly employers, UK organisations look to ensure that any potential hires fit in with their values. Of course, even if companies do decide to consider ex-offenders, they still have to meet the criteria. The right experience, a well-crafted personal statement and an impressive CV should still take precedence when hiring. 

Employing ex-offenders: A chance to help re-form characters 

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Employing ex-offenders can give you the chance to make a positive contribution to society. Whether this is hiring young people or former repeat offenders, this can contribute to a great cause. Of course, employers who hire ex-offenders should still be wary. There may be some applicants who it may be impossible to help re-form. This is where screening tactics such as telephone interviews or chatbots can come in handy. You should then stand a better chance of succeeding in your employment of ex-offenders policy.  

Positive stories can be great PR 

If you prove to be successful ex-offender friendly employers, UK media outlets should warm to your story. This can lead to a stronger reputation and encourage more talented ex-offenders to apply for roles at your organisation. It can also prevent discrimination which is preventing some highly-skilled people from obtaining great job roles. Over 11 million people in the UK have criminal records, so there should be plenty of opportunities to hire suitable candidates. Employing ex-offenders is also a key part of ensuring diversity and fairness in your hiring processes. 

Candidates should be motivated 

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Organisations should give former offenders a chance because of the likelihood of increased motivation. Many candidates may be looking to get their life back on track, and the job that you have advertised could help them to do this. This may also increase the chances of retaining your staff over a period of time, as successful applicants could be less likely to take any job for granted. Employing ex-offenders is also a tactic that may benefit small businesses. This is because that immediate motivation and pro-activity is something that small organisations need across multiple departments.

Employing ex-offenders could increase your revenue stream 

Over 90% of companies who have experience in employing ex-offenders have said that it has helped them to win new contracts. Furthermore, they also say that this contributed to an increased standing within their industries. If hiring someone who has a criminal past can help to make you money, then it would be foolish to ignore this opportunity. Implementing tactics such as blind hiring can also ensure a degree of fairness, and allow you to focus on hiring candidates that can make you the most money. Overall, if you can help people who have made mistakes in the past to secure jobs, this can be extremely beneficial in lots of respects. 

You can find more info on finding suitable candidates for certain roles! Alternatively, check out our Info Hub for more tips and advice. 

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