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Recruiting Job Seekers In Milton Keynes

Published: Tuesday 24th March 2015

Milton Keynes is one of the UK’s newest cities, having been built in the 1960’s and 70’s, as such Milton Keynes, is a clean crisp and modern city. It was designed from the ground up with quality of life at the forefront of its layout and overall design. There are lush green spaces: 5,000 acres of parkland, woodland, rivers, lakes and streams. Not to mention 22 million trees. Milton Keynes is not your typical ‘concrete jungle’ modern city. It isn’t a soulless conglomeration of poor quality 1970’s tower blocks and architecture. No. MK has heart and soul. With all that in mind MK pretty much markets itself. Selling the ‘MK’ brand to potential candidates and job seekers? Job done. 

Office in Milton Keynes

So, why are we opening an article on recruitment in MK using hyperbolic phrases such as ‘heart and soul’ rather than giving you employment statistics and discussing the business opportunities in the city and borough? Put simply, Milton Keynes needs that bit of a boost. Whilst the reality of the town is one of a dynamic modern city, the perception is still stuck in the 1980’s. Say ‘Milton Keynes’ to many candidates and the first thing which comes to mind is a dreary grey town where you are stuck driving around almost endless roundabouts. So whilst selling Milton Keynes to candidates and trying to tempt people to work in the area should be a doddle, it might not be. 

Recruiting from the rest of the UK to Milton Keynes might well need more of a ‘hard sell’ approach. So once you have that in mind, what should you be doing and highlighting to let candidates and job seekers in other parts of the UK know about working and living Milton Keynes? After all, you aren’t just selling the job you may well also be selling the lifestyle and area of MK itself to a sceptical community of job seekers. 

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With so many opportunities in diverse industries such as: the automotive industry, science, professional services, further education and the vast retail sector; Milton Keynes is one of Buckinghamshire’s most dynamic towns. MK is the fastest growing city in the UK with incredible opportunities for countless business and recruitment opportunities. Companies in MK are continuing to expand, as is the city itself in both area and population. These companies need to recruit highly talented individuals in order to meet their expansion needs in staffing and recruitment. 

There are a host of possibilities to engage with major companies in dynamic industries such as:

  • Professional Services
  • Office Support
  • Finance
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Graduate Recruitment
  • Business Services
  • New Technology
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Retail

The Milton Keynes economy provides countless opportunities for business and job seekers across all types of companies. The largest sector in Milton Keynes by total employment is retail and so a large part of your recruiting may well be focused on this area. With two large shopping centres, Milton Keynes offers a lot of opportunities for building a great career in retail. A good point to highlight with job seekers in Milton Keynes. So what are the benefits of job seeking and working in Milton Keynes, which you should be highlighting when marketing to your potential job seekers? 

Milton Keynes. United Kingdom on a map

Reasons to be job seeking in Milton Keynes

Successful: There are more than 500 inward investors to MK and the city is also home to one of the largest concentrations of North American, Japanese and Taiwanese firms in the UK.  

A growing business base which grew 36% between ’98 & ’08.

The “Most attractive local authority area in England for prospective business and investment” – Local Futures 2012 report. 

Ranked as the place with the “best growth prospects for jobs and output between 2013-17 by Experian, this is the highest rated area in the UK. 

A green oasis, a city in the country. 

Cultural hub: an active theatre district, city orchestra, museums, the MK Gallery and Bletchley Park. 

Selling MK could be a mixed bag. On the face of it the city should sell itself but it doesn’t always do so. So perhaps your biggest job in recruiting in MK is in fact not to sell the plethora of fantastic career opportunities the city offers but convincing people to relocate to the city itself. 

If you are trying to fill job vacancies in Milton Keynes go to , login and let Zoek help you achieve smarter, faster recruitment. For further information on local employment and top tips for recruiters, visit our blog.

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