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Recruiting tips for the Christmas season

Published: Tuesday 25th October 2016

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There are now less than 60 days until Christmas and for any company expecting a spike in demand over the holiday season, now is the time to start recruiting. Seasonal staffing can provide employers with the flexibility to meet their business’ changing needs, but it isn’t as easy as it may seem. What are the key challenges of seasonal recruitment and how can recruiters address them?

Finding skilled applicants

Finding candidates with the right skills is a challenge at any time of the year, but during the peak season an existing skills shortage can become even more obvious. There is no need to compromise though. If you look in the right places, perhaps by targeting students in a particular field of study, you might be able to find those who can benefit from the flexibility of a temporary job.

Time pressure

Although recruitment for seasonal jobs is often more time pressured than for permanent jobs, this doesn’t mean that recruiters should abandon standard practices. The candidates they recruit for their clients will still become the face of their business, during a period of the year when great customer service and professionalism are valued equally as much or even more than usual.

Training needs

Seasonal staff will be expected to pretty much hit the ground running in their new role. There is often not much of a training period. However, it is important to discuss with your client if there will be any type of trial period and/or introduction involved. Simply because your candidates have the right skills to start working immediately doesn’t mean they won’t need to know the basics about the company they will be working for or require an introduction to their immediate colleagues.

Large number of vacancies to fill

There is every chance that you might be asked to recruit more than one member of temporary staff for the Christmas season for any one client. Having to recruit several candidates for the same role might require you to change your usual recruitment tactics. It could be worth advertising outside of your usual channels, for example.

Plenty of competition

The Christmas period requires plenty of extra staff in a range of industries all over the country and many recruiters will be trying to tap from the same talent pool when recruiting for their own clients. To make sure you reach the type of talent you are looking for, you should focus on standing out from all the other recruiters. A more creative social media strategy can offer a great way of directing traffic to your client’s websites and job ads.

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