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Redefining good job adverts to attract candidates

Published: Tuesday 25th August 2015

As a recruiter, how do you weed out the best applicants for good job adverts when candidate responses overwhelm you? As job boards proliferate, it’s easy for people to employ a scatter-gun approach to their job search. And at this time of the year, when recent graduates are hitting the jobs market, recruiters’ inboxes are rapidly filling up with often inexperienced candidates applying for these job adverts.

Attracting candidates through job adverts

One TV production jobs portal in London tweeted bluntly this week: ‘Reminder to all recent graduate jobseekers – you are NOT experienced for the majority of jobs we advertise. Please stop wasting your time.’ It followed up with the even more exasperated: ‘Imagine being time pressed person w/ full time job + recruitment, you need experienced Assistant Producers. You get uni leavers in your inbox.’

Files with tabs which say perfect candidate on them

This may be a somewhat pointed over-reaction to having to wade through hundreds of applications for a position you’re advertising – and the popularity of the TV industry must leave it open to this – but who is at fault here? The overly-ambitious young graduate desperate to get a foot on the ladder of a seemingly glamorous career or the recruiter for not making the ad clear enough?

In the days of applying for jobs by filling in an application form and sending it through the post (yes, really) rumour has it that more than one hiring boss would throw every application with a second class stamp on the envelope straight in the bin without opening it. ‘If they want the job badly enough they’d use a first class stamp’ was the reasoning.

Thankfully, hirers have become more understanding and the process of applying for jobs has become simpler thanks to technology such as new job search app Zoek.

Crafting good job adverts

 businessman typing on laptop at workplace, dressed smart.

As a recruiter, you may have more applicants than availability for some positions you advertise but you don’t want to run the risk of missing out on that special candidate. Sometimes the answer is simply to go through every application. But before you resort to that, here are Zoek’s tips for writing job ads that get you the right kind of applicant:

•Good job adverts are clear and target directly the people you are hoping to attract. Ensure you use an accurate job title.

•State locations, salaries and required experience. Bold up these sections to make them stand out.

•Try to be realistic and not oversell the position. Pay attention to the keywords in job description.

•For creative positions remind candidates that their portfolio of existing work may well be viewed.

•Choose the best job board for recruitment.

Zoek is a new job-searching app that can connect candidates with recruiters at the click of a button. If you are a recruiter register on Zoek and let us help you find top candidates for your vacancies.

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