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Should companies use chatbots in Recruitment 

Published: Thursday 29th October 2020

The recruitment landscape has evolved significantly as recruiters look to find more ways of streamlining hiring processes. Using chatbots is evolving to a major trend in recruitment. AI recruiting chatbots can be fantastic additions to your recruitment drive. It can be a great way to ensure that the pool of candidates does not become overwhelming. However, there are still some organisations that are not utilising recruitment chatbot software. This is because of the feeling that candidates do not want to deal with automation in their job search. The key is to find the right balance between efficiency and candidate satisfaction, and this new development can do that if used in the right way. Here are some useful tips about using chatbots in recruitment. 

Make the most of your time using chatbots in Recruitment

The recruitment world is incredibly busy and sometimes there are not enough hours in the day. AI recruiting chatbots can certainly help with this, and allow you to screen from a smaller field. This should also help you to stay on track with the ever-changing demands of clients, if you are working for an agency. This is also a good tactic to use when recruiting remotely, as you may find that more of your time is taken up with meetings and phone conversations. Whilst this is a good time-saving tactic, you should do your research to see if it suits your organisation. 

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Screening can benefit candidates 

Screening candidates has also been a major part of streamlining recruitment drives. Of course, there are many other ways to screen candidates too. This is all designed to make things smoother and more efficient with the hiring organisation and recruitment agencies. Yet, some people fail to realise that opting for chatbots in recruitment is also a major benefit for applicants. Firstly, a recruitment chatbot can stop candidates from wasting their time. Some people might be applying for multiple positions depending on their own situation, and chatbots in recruitment can ensure that efforts are focused in the right areas. However, it can also be a benefit for people who progress to the next stage, as this can give them confidence that they are meeting the set requirements. 

Some people prefer human interaction 

Whilst there are evident benefits to having chatbots in recruitment, this will not please everyone. Many people still prefer human interaction, and a lot of people will expect recruiters to devote their time to placing them in the right organisation. Too much automation can annoy some candidates, particularly if their job search has become especially urgent. This can lead to people losing faith in recruitment organisations, as the competition in the industry continues to grow. However, as more chatbots are used, this could eventually change human behaviour and be considered to be normal for more people. 

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Choose the right software to use chatbots in Recruitment 

As with any service, there are good solutions out there, and there are options that are not so good. Finding the best chatbot solution should take careful consideration. This is because having faulty software can result in a negative experience and negative reviews. If the chatbot cannot break down simple jargon, this can be very frustrating for candidates. In addition, some excellent applicants may be discouraged from proceeding. As long as you have done your research, using AI software can be hugely beneficial. 

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