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Why Hiring Isn’t On Hold During the Coronavirus Crisis

Published: Thursday 2nd April 2020

The coronavirus crisis has dealt a devastating blow to society and business. But, at a time when so many people are losing their jobs, and businesses are trying to stay afloat, there are opportunities too. There’s a fresh pool of talent out there looking for new jobs and savvy recruiters will be hiring the bestOf course, this won’t be feasible for every business or industry. Travel companies, in particular, such as TUI, Virgin Atlantic and EasyJet, are announcing recruitment freezes amid the coronavirus crisis, but even if you’re thinking about reducing your own workforce, this is a time when you may be able to source candidates to fill skills gaps through online recruiting for when the crisis is over. 

Coronavirus – The focus is on workforce management 

Zoom app helping business go online, video conference concept amid coronavirus crisis

Many businesses are still operating despite the coronavirus outbreak. All that’s happened is their employees are working from home, using collaborative technology such as Skype and Microsoft teams. There’s good evidence to suggest working from home boosts productivity, and, as an employer, the current crisis is the perfect opportunity to put that to the test for your own business. 

The same technology that makes working from home possible, is what recruitment firms and HR departments are now using to recruit the best of the best for their organisationsHead-hunters are actually saying that it’s easier to contact candidates as they’re not in meetings or travelling due to coronavirus restrictions.  

What’s more, online video interviews are quicker, more convenient for candidates and can speed up the entire recruitment process. The technology is there to train new recruits up into their roles so they can be ready to contribute to the business straightaway when this is all over 

Business man talking on smart phone and look to laptop screen, male freelancer working on computer at wooden table

More people are looking for work 

With workers laid off, working from home, or self-isolated, there are more people competing for jobs, so this is a time when online job advertising can be particularly effective. For most companies, online recruiting is already the norm, so if you’ve been wary of using the Internet for recruitment purposes, this might be the perfect time to discover the benefits. For instance, you probably already have a social media presence, so start by advertising there. You could also use social media to update customers and business partners on your plans during the coronavirus crisis. As part of sending out a positive message, mention that you’re still hiring 

Online job advertising and interviewing is on the rise 

Recruitment Job Work Vacancy Search Concept

Online job sites in the UK, such as Zoek, are a great way to find great candidates without having to conduct open days, job fairs or physical interviews. When it does come to interviews, start with a telephone screening to whittle down candidates before selecting the best for video interviewing. The use of video conferencing apps such as Zoom, WeWork and Slack have risen five-fold since the beginning of the year. Take some time to find the best one for your needs and make sure HR personnel and hiring managers are trained to use the technology effectively.  

The future of the job market might be uncertain now, but once the coronavirus crisis has passed, it will be business as usual. And those who have lost their jobs will be needed to rebuild businesses and, ultimately, restart the economy. Businesses that are ahead of the curve will start recruiting that talent now. 

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