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Why You Should Advertise Jobs On Zoek’s Job Board

Published: Thursday 9th January 2020

January is a strong hiring period as supply of talent usually outweighs the demand for qualified candidates, and budgets are ready to be spent. In fact, it is the perfect time to advertise your up and coming jobs on Zoek’s Job Board, and here’s why…

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January is the most important month for recruitment

The first month of the year is always a busy one for recruiters, while also shaping recruitment trends. This ‘peak’ hiring season is a time when people are unlikely to be on annual leave, having had time off over Christmas, so the majority of people who can make decisions on new recruits are back in the office. Career changes are one of the most common New Years’ resolutions people make, and with Blue Monday on the horizon and year-end bonuses in their back pockets – this is the time when candidates are ready to make a move.

A new year equals new budgets

Salary is an important consideration when hiring, and since January brings about new budgets, these may mean more money for departments to spend on hiring top talent. Come January, clients and companies have completed their yearly budget, knowing exactly how much cash they have got available to spend on new hires and will be keen to start recruiting again to achieve their set resourcing plans.

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Overall January gives you a chance to get ahead of the competition, meaning January interviews and notice periods can make for a strong February/March and a lucrative quarter, which will give your company a strong head start on the year ahead.

The benefits of using a job board

Job boards have been around for many years, hosting job adverts for just about every industry imaginable. Posting your vacancy on job boards, such as Zoek, as well as social networking sites, will increase your jobs viability rather than just sticking to your company website. Here’s why…

It’s cost-effective – The use of traditional forms of recruitment, such as dedicated ‘head-hunters’, can prove very costly and not suitable when needing to recruit for large numbers of new staff. On the other hand, a job board often offers flexible packages to suit each company’s needs, making for an effective alternative to cut recruiting costs.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week – The web is accessible 24/7, meaning you can search for potential employees anytime, anywhere, and candidates can apply anytime, anywhere.

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It attracts a wider audience – Posting your job requirements on job boards will give you a wider audience rather than just posting the requirement on your company website. You can receive more candidates if your job is out there on the internet as millions of job seekers will be able to view it. In turn, a wider audience will lead to a higher probability of filling up the vacancy soon, giving you an edge over competition.

It enables an online employer brand creation – If you don’t have a career page on your company website, posting adverts on a credible job board can be a way to create an online profile of your business to attract talent, giving an idea of what it is like to work in your organisation along with an outline of training & progression opportunities available.

The benefits of using Zoek

Zoek is the UK’s fastest-growing generalist job board, dedicated to matching quality candidates to employers in accordance with the recruitment needs of each company. Zoek offers a fair way to receive relevant candidate applications, providing 4 different job advertising models to suit all business needs.

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With Zoek, employers of all company sizes and industries can be fully confident, they will receive the right type of application through the platform’s unique use of AI technology.

This year give your company a head-start and stay ahead of the curve by using Zoek for your recruitment needs. Zoek’s new and improved Hirer Portal makes it simple, quick and effective for companies to find fresh candidates, through its highly personalised settings. From setting and adjusting budget allocation to each of your adverts and payment options to suit all needs, to a comprehensive and clear display of all applications received. Zoek’s compatibility with multiple integrations/web services means that our new Hirer Portal offers a modern, user-friendly recruitment software. Register today to experience the benefits Zoek has to offer yourself.

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