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Writing Great Job Adverts

Published: Thursday 2nd April 2015

Your job adverts are a chance to showcase what working for your company can be like. It is a chance to attract exactly the type of person you need for the role, making the recruitment process easier, shorter and far more productive.  All of this comes down to writing  great job adverts, and importantly, avoiding common job description mistakes that could cause you to miss out on applications from those ideal candidates.

Give salary details for great job adverts

The number one reason why people do not actually reply to job adverts is that they cannot see salary details. This is because people need to know whether or not the job is worth applying for, or whether the job is worth looking at if they are currently in employment. Salary details reassure people about the quality of the job and the company that is running the ad. When you advertise your job, the salary should be obviously linked to the details of the job, and make sense as regards responsibility and skills required. The one reason why most employers don’t put the salary in is because they don’t think the salary is large enough to attract talent. This is understandable, some companies just don’t have the money required to hire the best talent initially. You can get around this by making the salary clear, and then making it clear that it is also negotiable.

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This is not tricking people, because you may be prepared to negotiate with somebody if they have the right skills for the job. You could offer bonuses after the first year, for example, or some other benefits such as working from home. But you must be clear of some idea of salary if you want to attract applicants when you advertise your job.

Get It Optimised

Because you are advertising your job online you need to think about optimising it too. Keywords in job descriptions are really important. Many jobs are found on specific job sites, where there are literally hundreds of jobs in your sector being listed. If you are not able to provide a keyword structure to your job adverts, the chances are that no one will see it. This will simply result in you not getting any applicants, and your company being overlooked by people who have real talent. Think about what your ideal applicant will be looking for when they reach the job site, and the words that they will type in. Be as clear as possible with your keywords, and don’t use any silly jargon.

For example, use the actual job title as much as you can in the listing. Don’t do it too much so it looks silly, but use it as much as you can so that potential applicants can immediately find you and know what the job is about. If you’re looking for a sales executive for example, use that term as much as you can in the advertisement without seeming like you’re trying to scam people.

Make It An Adventure

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The final tip we can give you covers the mistake of not actually making the job seem attractive. You need to work out a way to write a job adverts that makes the position seem like something people would actually want to do. You don’t have to oversell anything when you advertise your job, but you have to make it seem that is worth leaving a job for, for example. Too many job adverts out there right now simply list the job requirements. Communicate with your potential applicants. Show them how good it is to work for you, and how much of a journey they will go on when they start with you. Talk about the challenges and the opportunities that are available in the position, and be as clear as possible. Don’t simply just list out the job requirements, because this will not make you stand out.

Your aim is to create a job ad that makes people sit up and take notice. Remember that these people are human beings, and that many of them are currently sitting in a job that either doesn’t fulfil them or pay them enough. For them to want to apply for your job, it has to be attractive on many levels. Get the pay thing taken care of, and then work hard to create a compelling story about the job and how it could change their lives. You will benefit through acquiring a number of applicants, allowing you to pick and choose the best. The whole point of creating a job advert is to find applicants. You need to make your job ad as exciting and compelling as possible, and also to ensure that it is found through good optimisation. Finally, make sure the salary is very clear and specific. If it is not as attractive as it could be, include the perks.

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