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Published: Monday 14th September 2020

It can vary depending on the company and industry, which department is responsible for overseeing recruitment. Sometimes, due to a lack of resources it’s outsourced to agencies. Any in-house recruitment could be done by the department manager, the marketing department, or maybe by senior management themselves. However, if you’re looking to expand your recruitment process without the cost of using an agency or exhausting your own time, you should use Zoek’s job scraping service.

What is job scraping?

Job scraping is a process that allows you to integrate your careers site with our job board. We essentially scrape out your live job listings and copy them over to Zoek. As a result, this will increase your job adverts exposure. The idea behind this is to save you time and hassle. Therefore, you will remove the need to upload them all to our job board manually.

However, you don’t have to worry about needing to update the jobs that are featured on Zoek. Any changes made to the job advert on your careers site will feed through to Zoek automatically, in real time. This includes any adverts that expire.

In order to make sure that every company is catered to in the most effective way possible, we provide standard or custom solutions to ensure job scraping is tailored to your business and preferences.

Boss is relaxed now he's using Zoek's job scraping service

The key benefits

Your adverts will get increased exposure and you don’t have to dedicate hours of time manually uploading them. Zoek has over 600,000 registered job seekers, this pool of talent might otherwise be unaware of your vacancies. You will also receive updates of any applications through Zoek on your careers site, so there’s no need to login to your Zoek Hirer account to check for additional applications.

Unlike other job boards, Zoek uses intelligent job matching technology. This helps create higher quality and more relevant job applications to job adverts listed on our site. Our A.I technology uses multi-layered filters and self-learning algorithms. The technology detects similarities between a job seekers perfect job and the job adverts we display on our job board. This means by allowing us to perform a job scraping service of jobs on your careers page, you will be getting more accurately targeted and better-suited candidates.

Optimise your recruitment process, without lifting a finger, with a little help from Zoek.

Register your company with Zoek or call our team on 08081 561 178. Our sales team will help get you set up, and answer any questions you have.

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