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Want to make your recruitment process faster, smarter and more effective? Use our integrations… 

Integrate your applicant tracking software with Zoek, for faster recruitment decision making and smarter results! 

Zoek’s integration solutions are designed to efficiently help you streamline your hiring process so that you never miss out on the best talent.

By making use of our integration partnerships and recruitment software, you’ll be able to save more time, track applications and focus on what really matters – building relationships and hiring staff.


Our integrations with industry-leading multi-posters


Zoek integrations


Broadbean a recruitment software offering an automated job distribution tool, aiming to help recruiters reach candidates in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way. 

LogicMelon an award-winning job posting and candidate management software, offering bespoke solutions to your recruitment needs.

Idibua next-generation candidate attraction platform designed to maximise your recruitment, CRM or ATS.

Recruitive – a cloud-based recruitment software, designed to streamline the hiring process, making it quicker and easier to recruit whilst reducing associated costs.

You Recruit – a multi-poster that aims to make the job posting process less time-consuming and significantly easier.


Why use a multi-poster?

Fish a bigger pond, quicker.

An effective multi-poster service significantly reduces the time spent to post job adverts, giving you extra time and resources to concentrate on generating more business or searching for candidates.

You’ll streamline your hiring processes and increase efficiency, whilst keeping all job posting activity and responses in one single place, tracking applications and hires with ease.

You’ll maintain full control of your online recruitment process and target top talent by setting up candidate preferences. 

You’ll compliment and maximise your staffing system through creating a constant pipeline of fresh talent.



How to use our integrations

Simply register a Hirer account on Zoek, or log in to your existing profile, and click the ‘Integrations’ option on the left hand side of your dashboard. Identify the multi-poster you wish to integrate your job vacancies with, and copy and paste the ‘Integration Key’ into the web service.

If you can’t see an integration that you use from our selection provided, please send in an integration request email to:


Zoek integrations concept


Would you prefer us to job wrap/scrape your vacancies?

Job scraping is perfect for hirers who want to integrate their careers site. So, let us do the hard work for you!

We’ll collect job vacancies from your career site and post them directly on Zoek’s job board, saving you the hassle of posting across various platforms. Moreover, this does not only save you time from posting, but also automatically amends any changes made to your adverts in real time.

Understanding the different needs of each business, Zoek brings you standard or custom solutions, to ensure job scraping is tailored to your preferences.


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