Published: Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Broadbean logo to show it is one of Zoek UK's integrators


Zoek is the proud partner of some of the industry’s leading multi-posters. These partners, such as Broadbean, provide intelligent distribution solutions that work. These solutions are designed and proven to increase distribution and improve your recruitment process.  Keep reading to learn more about Broadbean, including how it can help optimise and streamline your recruitment process.

Broadbean is recognised as the first of its kind in the industry. Therefore, it has been successfully delivering global distribution services to clients for 20 years. The company has grown significantly since then and now offers unrivalled advertising coverage. Moreover, the company boasts the industry’s largest network of job boards and ATS/CRM integrations.

You will receive full confidential support from its dedicated account managers and customer service experts. Furthermore, Broadbean will provide you with important recruitment data and insight. This allows you to see real results and achieve your targets. The company will inform and optimise your recruiting strategy, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Broadbean works closely with clients to deliver the very best cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology. This is designed to make candidate attraction easier, faster and more efficient.  Call or email us to speak to one of our advisors and learn more about the many great things we can do to improve your business.