Post jobs on Zoek with our Cost Per Click job advertising model

Zoek is the UK’s fastest growing online job board, with over 600,000 registered users and more than 6 million website visits in 2020 alone. 

Cost Per Click

Only pay for the adverts you need 

Posting job adverts can be expensive, time consuming and frustrating. To eliminate this, Zoek has introduced five different pricing models – Pay Per Job, Cost Per Click, Pay Per Application, Subscription and Flexible Free Organic job advertising. Unlike our competitors, we do not want to tie you down to one model. We understand that you may have many different jobs to advertise, each with their own requirements. That is why we allow you to choose which advertising model you want for each individual job, whether it is our free organic job advertising or one of our cost-effective payment models.


Affordable Cost Per Click job advertising 

Zoek’s Cost Per Click (CPC) model allows you to set exactly how much you wish to pay per job view. This gives you full control over your spending when you post a job, as well as enabling you to add budget caps to individual jobs and accounts. Our CPC job advertising model starts from as little as 11p per click*.


Zoek’s CPC model ranking criteria 

The higher the relevancy of your job advert to a job seekers own search criterion, the higher it will rank in our job board search results.

To help with this, our AI based search programme accurately matches keywords in your adverts to a candidate’s skills and experience. This significantly reduces money wasted on irrelevant candidates. Furthermore, we provide detailed feedback that allows you to fine tune your adverts and further reduce wasted CPC costs.  

As with all Cost Per Click advertising, the amount you set as your CPC bid will also influence your adverts’ ranking position.

This means that jobs with higher bids will appear above those with lower bids. This allows you to prioritise urgent jobs over others, as well as better judge the optimum Cost Per Click for your company. 


Why choose Zoek

– Closely matches information in your job adverts to suitable CV’s

– Only notifies you of suitable job applicants, significantly reducing CPC advertising costs 

– Eliminates time, effort and money looking at unsuitable CV’s 

– Provides detailed feedback and advice on ways to improve your job adverts 

– Significantly improves and simplifies initial job application screening 


Zoek hiring models and job advertising - Cost Per Click advertising model to post jobs


*Terms and Conditions apply.