• Unlimited standard job adverts for free
  • Optionally promote any job advert for £30
  • 5 free CV downloads with each promoted advert
  • £2 CV download
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per month


  • 100 promoted job adverts
  • 1500 free CV downloads
  • £5 additional promoted advert
  • £2 additional CV download
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per month


  • 15 promoted job adverts
  • 150 free CV downloads
  • £8 additional promoted advert
  • £2 additional CV download
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All prices are exclusive of VAT

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All plans include our core features

    • dial
    • checklist with 1 item checked

    Dashboard & applicants

    • Magnifying glass
    • Download icon

    CV database

    • Gear
    • check list with all items checked

    Automatic matches

    • A document
    • One thing splitting into two


Frequently asked questions

  • Is the free account really free?

    Yes, it’s free and will be so forever. Adverts posted on the free account are known as standard adverts.

  • What’s the difference between standard and promoted adverts?

    Standard adverts receive direct traffic from organic searches at and Zoek email campaigns. Promoted adverts are marketed across our partner networks, receiving more traffic and better response rates.

  • Can I change my plan at anytime?

    Absolutely. You can updgrade or downgrade your plan at anytime. Even switching between the free account and the paid plans.

  • What’s the difference between monthly and yearly prices?

    Monthly prices are for monthly subscription, which you can cancel at anytime. Yearly prices are for a 12 month subscription, paid 12 months in advance (see Can I cancel my plan at anytime).

  • How can you offer discounts on yearly plans?

    Knowing you’ll be with us for 12 months means we can lock-in our costs in advance — that’s why we can offer discounted prices for yearly subscriptions.

  • Can I cancel my plan anytime?

    We’d hate to see you go, but yes, you can cancel anytime — if you cancel part way through a billing cycle your account will remain active until the end of that period.

    Although you can cancel the yearly subscription at any time, but we are unable to refund any remaining fees (see How can you offer discounts on yearly plans).

  • What happens when I go over my monthly limit?

    When you go over your monthly limit you’ll be charged per each additional item (advert or CV) at the amount stated in your plan.

  • Does my monthly limit rollover?

    Sadly we’re unable to rollover any unused adverts or CV downloads into the next month.