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Freelance jobs in Liverpool

Published: Tuesday 19th January 2021

Freelance jobs in Liverpool are growing in popularity as demand increases across different sectors. Such roles were once centred around specific industries, such as writing and photography. However, opportunities are now becoming available in many different roles and sectors. Freelance jobs often evoke images of freedom. This includes working to your own schedules, having time to yourself and generally living a great life! Of course, the reality is often very different. We look at how working patterns have changed, including the pros and cons of working online freelance jobs in Liverpool.

computer set up at home to show increase in freelance jobs in liverpool

Freelance jobs on the rise

Studies show that freelance jobs are on the rise in UK cities such as Liverpool. Freelance recruitment specialists People Per Hour has revealed 60% of businesses it surveyed revealed they were planning on using freelancers in 2021. The report also stated that 65% of 1,000 freelancers questioned believed they would see incomes increase this year. Reasons for this include the cost and expertise efficiency that freelancers give companies. The ongoing effects of Covid-19 are also contributing to this increased shift to remote work. This increase in freelance positions is also being reflected across the world, with the Philippines seeing a 208% year-on-year increase, followed by India (160%) and Japan (87%).

Available freelance jobs in Liverpool

We have also seen an increase on Zoek in freelance positions in cities such as Liverpool. Furthermore, whilst freelance writing jobs once dominated the sector, the market is now much more varied. Digital marketing, social marketing and graphic designer roles continue to be found in and around Liverpool and other UK cities. However, a growing number of roles are appearing in industries such as project management, surveying, healthcare and software developer. Liverpool’s economy has grown thanks to the presence of numerous strong sectors, including media, finance and business services. As roles such as freelance marketing jobs become more common, opportunities in cities such as Liverpool are also increasing.

Man working on computer on beach to highlight freelance jobs in Liverpool

The pros!

The advantages of freelance jobs online are well known. Working to your own schedule, being your own boss and choosing what you work on are some of the biggest attractions to people. The pandemic has highlighted these benefits and revealed that many more jobs can be performed remotely. This realisation is already leading to growing demand among employers and employees.

Employees are realising that long, expensive commutes may not be necessary. This is leading to an increase in searches for roles that can be performed from home. Likewise, companies are seeing the cost-benefits of having staff work remotely. This is also causing some businesses to choose the cost-effective option of employing freelancers over full-time employers. Whilst this may sound great for some, it also suggests others may have to work freelance whether they want to or not.

Women trying to work at home with children around her to reflect freelance jobs in Liverpool.

The cons!

So you fancy being your own boss? Whilst freelance jobs do offer some fantastic benefits, there are of course some pretty big disadvantages. The first is consistency. Working fulltime, you become used to roughly the same amount of work and money coming in each month. However, this is not the case when working freelance. Workflow is often irregular, meaning you may be incredibly busy one month and sat doing nothing the next. This can have a big impact on your salary. This means you will need to carefully budget to cover such quiet times. Another issue related to this is getting paid. You are solely responsible for the quality of your work. Therefore, payment may be delayed or even cancelled if a client does not like your work. You will again have to budget for such possible events.

Other common disadvantages associated with online freelance jobs in Liverpool include the need to file your own taxes. However, one of the biggest factors to consider when thinking about becoming a freelancer is that you will not receive any employment benefits. This means you will not get sick leave or annual holidays. This may not seem important, but it can be. Again, this is something you must factor in when calculating how much to charge clients.

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