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Immediate start jobs – a breakdown

Published: Tuesday 23rd February 2021

The national shutdown has revealed many things, including increasing demand for immediate start jobs. This is not  a surprise considering the ongoing turmoil in UK employment. Many people are being forced to quickly find work in roles and sectors often very different to their previous positions. Therefore, we look at the various aspects of immediate start jobs. This includes what sectors these roles are in and the biggest issues for both hirers and job seekers.

Street sign saying job and unemployed to highlight immediate start jobs.

Immediate start-jobs – sector hiring

Immediate start jobs have traditionally been found in industries such as retail, hospitality and leisure. However, it is precisely these sectors most affected by the pandemic. Therefore, available entry-level roles in these sectors have plummeted. This problem is made worse by increasing demand for roles allowing job seekers to start working now. However, whilst some industries have seen immediate start jobs disappear, other sectors have thrived.

The increase in online ordering has seen some related industries post record profits. This growth has led to demand for staff in sectors including logistics, home delivery and warehouse, such as Royal Mail. These roles often feature immediate starts and are entry-level. This means there are little qualification or previous experience requirements. Traditionally, such roles were mainly filled by young people entering work for the first time. However, with so many people temporarily out of work because of the lockdown, this is changing. Therefore, immediate start jobs near me is now one of the most searched for terms in recruitment. This situation has been reflected by various well-publicised stories. This includes nearly 1,000 people applying for a single waiter position in Manchester and airline pilots working as delivery drivers.

Parcels outside a door to highlight increase in immediate start jobs

Warnings for hirers

This sudden change in the type of immediate start vacancies available and candidates has led to problems for hirers and job seekers. This sudden influx of jobseekers is making hiring easier in many ways for companies. However, it is also creating new problems. The increase in skills and experience of job seekers provides obvious benefits to hirers. Yet, this needs to be countered by the understanding that such candidates are likely only looking for temporary work. Therefore, hirers need to be wary of filling such ‘start now’ jobs with obviously over-qualified candidates. This is because it is likely many people will switch back to their ‘normal’ careers once things return to normal. One example of how working patterns have changed is immediate start jobs in London.

The UK capital and other major British cities have seen a boom in delivery driver and other related logistics positions. Demand for home-delivery goods is expected to fall after lockdown. However, the number of job seekers looking for such positions will fall much more. There are fears this will cause a vacuum. For employees, the risk is knowing which sectors will return to normal following lockdown and which will not. Many are predicting society will return to normal quickly following lockdown. However, employment has been put under a harsh spotlight. Therefore, predictions as to how people want to work, what jobs they want, and which sectors will succeed are proving hard.

Cogs with words related to employment to highlight immediate start jobs

Issues for job seekers

The recruitment process often takes weeks and months. As such, roles offer an immediate start ideal for people wanting to work right away. With so much continued uncertainty, the appeal of taking any job available is understandable. However, job seekers are recommended to exercise some caution when looking for roles, such as immediate start jobs in Manchester. These positions often feature low salaries, shift work and physical activities. Whilst ideal for the short-term, working long hours in tiring positions can negatively affect any search for long-term positions.

Job seekers looking for immediate start vacancies are recommended to tailor their applications. This means matching your skills with those required by an employer. Even if you have been working in a completely different sector and level, there are likely to be areas of crossover. It Is these areas that you must emphasise. Common areas include customer relations, driving and customer service. If you need help tailoring your CV, help is at hand. We have teamed up with TopCV to provide you with a free, expert and confidential review of your CV. This will optimise your chances of success and enable you to apply for roles you feel under/over qualified for.

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