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Is the employment landscape changing?

Published: Monday 20th July 2020

Experts say we are beginning to see Coronavirus changing the employment landscape. Some are even claiming the digital transformation of work has arrived. Can we all expect to be working from home in the future?

Institutes around the world are looking at employment data. They are doing this to predict what lockdown will mean for future employment. The US National Bureau of Economic Research revealed that 50% of people working before lockdown were now working from home in the US. It also stated that people in management and professional roles were less likely to experience layoffs and furlough. This was backed up by data from analytics company AtScale. The company revealed finance and insurance industries also remained secure during lockdown. So is Coronavirus changing the employment landscape? Are more people working from home?

Businesswoman working on a laptop on an inflatable ring in water to highlight Coronavirus is changing the employment landscape.

How is the employment landscape changing?

AtScale also revealed that 90% of US job losses between February and March were in roles that could not be done remotely. This comes on top of estimates that only 40% of all jobs in the US can be performed at home. Regarding employee sentiment, IBM found 58% of people currently working from home wanted to continue doing so. The company also stated that only 1 in 10 people working from home wanted to return to their workplace. So what changes can we expect?

Leading tech, research and strategy firm ESG reveals some companies already believe the change is here. The study shows that 30% of IT executives surveyed believe creating technology that allows more people to work remotely will be the biggest post-lockdown challenge. This was reinforced by data from consumer and workforce analysts SalesForce which revealed 69% of respondents believed, “The pandemic will permanently change the nature of work.”

Writing on a chalk board to highlight how Coronavirus is changing the employment landscape

UK company reports surge in workers

British cosmetics company Avon yesterday released evidence of Coronavirus already changing the UK employment landscape. The company uses ‘reps’ who visit people at their homes to sell goods. The role allows employees to work remotely and be flexible in their working hours. The company announced a 114% increase in the number of new ‘reps’ joining them since lockdown began. This is in comparison with the same period last year. Avon’s chief executive, Angela Cretu, said: “As the recession tightens its grasp on communities in the wake of Covid-19, people are looking for new ways to earn.” She added the company was getting ready for “a tidal wave” of new sign-ups as more people begin working from home.

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