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Zoek’s intelligent job alerts allow you to stay ahead of the competition and quickly apply to the roles you want as soon as they appear. Using your personal search criteria, all closely matched jobs are instantly sent to you via email or push notification.

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Why set up job alerts?


Get seen before everyone else

Zoek eliminates lengthy job searches by instantly notifying you of all suitable jobs as soon as they become available. Ensuring you are one of the first applicants prospective employers see. You can also set the time you receive your job alerts, be it first thing in the morning or later on in the day.

Never miss a job

Searching thousands of jobs across every industry and location in the UK and sent to you either daily, weekly or monthly, Zoek’s job alerts mean you will never miss out on that perfect job again.

Save time and effort

Using details including your key skills and desired job titles, Zoek quickly and accurately matches you will all suitable roles available. Eliminating the time and effort it takes to search endless lists of unsuitable jobs and allowing you to focus on your application.

Unlimited job alerts

Zoek offers unlimited saved job searches, enabling you to receive alerts covering a wide variety of different job titles. With your search details easily changed and refined whenever you want, Zoek’s job alerts help you stay flexible and ahead of the competition.

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