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4 Great Reasons Why You Should Work In Milton Keynes

Published: Saturday 28th March 2015

Job seeking in Milton Keynes. For many people a new job is about achieving a good career whilst maintaining that all important work-life balance we are always hearing about. In the past it was a pretty simple formula. If you wanted a high-flying career you went to London to seek your fortune, now a days that isn’t the case. Choosing a city to relocate to is a big decision so if you are in that very predicament, why not move to a place which has the highest rate of growth in jobs anywhere in the country? Why not try job seeking in Milton Keynes? Here are four reasons for why you should try job seeking in MK:

1. Milton Keynes has great transport

Office in Milton Keynes

When MK was designed and built, not long ago in the 1960’s, the designers and planners took location and transport to heart. The town was planned and built to be equidistant from London, Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge and Leicester. The theory being it could attract people from these cities, provide easy commuting times to them and serve as a new hub in its region. MK succeeded. Today the train runs to London in just 32 minutes and Birmingham in 55 minutes. Not bad. The lines have some of the newest rolling stock in the country, good for relaxing into.
The town is laid out on a grid system, making it easy to get around and has one of the best integrated public transport systems, making the need for a car almost redundant.

2. Shorter Daily Commute

There are trains running from Euston to Rugby. But working in Milton Keynes you probably won’t be needing those on a daily basis as living in the city or surrounding villages is a great choice to make. Milton Keynes prides itself on it’s fast commute times which are due to the grid layout of the city and forward planning in where business districts and residential areas were located.

3. Career Development in Milton Keynes

You will find a good number of people have been attracted to living in Milton Keynes whilst still commuting to London or other towns and cities on a daily basis but with such good opportunities for job seeking and employment in the town you have to ask why? MK has the highest growth in new jobs in the UK. It is home to Santandar, Mercedes and BP as well as being the home of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team and The Open University.

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Whilst you might not be looking for a job in those big companies they do attract a plethora of small servicing companies along with them. The retail sector is the largest contributor of employment in MK. These jobs are centered around the two large shopping malls which together form the main town centre.

4. Quality of Life

Milton Keynes is colloquially known as The City in the Forrest and not without good reason. Across the city limits there are 20 million trees (that’s 15 million more than Birmingham!) as well as numerous parks, streams, rivers and crafted outdoor spaces. It is all designed to feel like a light, airy and modern city whilst retaining the best of the Buckinghamshire countryside. The linear parks run through the city centre flanking the Great Ouse and Grand Union Cannal. Compared to many parts of the country your cost of living will also be substantially lower in Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes has prided itself on offering cheaper housing to couples who cannot afford to live in London but who want to maintain their jobs in the capital. A lot of the emphasis in the design of new housing has been put on energy-saving designs, further lowering your bills and outgoings. Throw in good earnings potential as well and it seems a no-brainer.

Finally what can you do when not at work? Well we mentioned those two huge shopping centres which together form ‘the centre’ and are a retail hub for this part of the country. If you are looking for culture as opposed to retail therapy you are in luck. Milton Keynes is home to the open-air 65,000 capacity National Bowl which is used for a variety of concerts. There are also smaller, more intimate venues for different kinds of music and several museums in the surrounding area. Job seeking in Milton Keynes should be at the top of your list when you consider your next career move.

If you are looking for a job in Milton Keynes download the Zoek App to let your new job find you. The app can be downloaded on iPhone or Android for free and includes thousands of vacancies from hundreds of employers. For more job hunting top tips visit the Zoek Blog or follow us on Twitter @zoekappuk.

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