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5 tips for a successful digital marketing job interview

Published: Friday 10th March 2017

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What do you need to succeed in your digital marketing executive interview? Here are some tips to get you started.


If your pulse isn’t racing a bit, you’re too relaxed. But don’t get too tense – it’s an interview, not an interrogation.

Know your CV

Prepare by getting a friend to interview you, with a brief to look for the gaps in your CV and quiz you. And to get specifics about your broader claims. ‘Raised profile of company’ says nothing specific about what you did. Get specific. Prepare yourself for the difficult questions.

Know the company

It’s so tempting to wing it; take a cursory look at their website, get a general idea. But look at what they do with a critical eye. Look at what or how you can improve their social profile. Weigh them against the competition, and don’t be afraid call out any flaws you see. Create a mission statement for them. Spend some time on LinkedIn. You don’t have to connect, and certainly, don’t stalk! But view the team you might be working with and get a feel for the company culture.

Show your passion

So many job specs talk about living and breathing the role. Do you? Employers will be looking for evidence you have depth to what you do in the digital world. Think about how you can (or do) share your experience, like blogging your social skills and knowledge.

Think engagement & conversions

Quantify the value of your efforts. How have the campaigns you’ve run led to not just increased traffic from your social channels but led to good engagement on your site. Show actual conversions on your website – bookings, enquiries, leads and so on. And show how it’s increased over time.

What sets you apart?

Why you? What is your Unique Selling Point? In reality you might never get to answer this question directly in an interview, but knowing the answer will go a long way to putting you in the right frame of mind to land your next digital marketing job.

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