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5 Tips For Writing A Winning Tech CV

Published: Friday 5th June 2020

A strong CV is your entry ticket into your dream job. It showcases your experience, demonstrates your unique skills and thought process, illustrates your attention to detail as well as your communication level. And as the tech industry is growing by more than twice the rate of non-digital tech sectors, so does the demand for top employees. Consequently, the question is, how can you make your tech CV stand out in such a competitive environment?

In order to help you land your dream tech job, we’ve put together 5 top tips for writing a winning tech cv and guarantee you that long-awaited interview call!

Tip 1: Tailor Your Tech CV For A Specific Role

Job seekers often forward a generic CV to employers. Instead, stand out by forming a few templates & tailoring your CV to a specific role. To tailor your CV, you can use the job description to find out about each employer’s needs and priorities. Once you figure out the keywords and themes, you can make your CV mirror that. Make sure your work experience reflects what’s most relevant to the hiring manager, present your skills in order of importance and provide evidence of each skill set through quantifiable examples.

Things to look for in a job description can be the responsibilities that are mentioned first, specific requirements or qualifications listed, as well as themes repeated throughout, such as leadership, attention to detail or multitasking.

Tip 2: Structure Your IT CV

When forming your templates, structure your tech CV by following a guide. Start with your personal summary and move to your work experience. Then list your key skills and competencies and finish with your academic qualifications or achievements.

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Moreover, it’s important to remember that, although technical knowledge is vital to stand out in the IT industry, interpersonal skills are of equal importance. Therefore, not only should a hiring manager think you’re a skilled professional, but they should also get the impression you’re a team player.

Tip 3: Get The Balance Of Tech Jargon Right

There’s no harm in showing a recruiter you really know your sector. Strike the right balance between readability and knowledgeability. You should bear in mind that the first person that reviews your CV could be a recruiter or hiring manager. Therefore, they may not have the technical knowledge that you have. Try to make your curriculum vitae understandable enough, so that every single person reviewing it can easily spot how well you’d fit into this role.

You can achieve that by avoiding the use of industry-specific jargon or any unnecessary technical terms. If you need to include any acronyms, make sure to spell them out the first time you use them.

Tip 4: Grab The Attention With Your Personal Summary

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Implement an effective personal summary, highlighting your experience enough to grab the recruiter’s attention. Give examples in key areas, using measurable accomplishments. A strong CV should always showcase a powerful personal summary (or career objective) that highlights why you’re applying for this role. For example, if you’re applying for a front-end job, yet your work experience is heavy on back-end roles, the hiring manager will want to know the reason for your application. Hence your personal statement should be able to grab the attention and provide this insight. Think of these summaries as a snapshot of who you are as a professional.

Tip 5: Tech Experience Over Education

Professional experience matters more than education in the tech industry. Minimise your education section as you gain work experience. Be realistic with your knowledge of programming languages, software, etc. Provide links to online samples of your work. If appropriate, use an online portfolio.

Now that you know what to include in order to write a winning tech CV, you’re well positioned to stand out from the crowd. Once you’ve perfected your IT CV, visit Zoek to search and apply from over 20,000 UK IT vacancies and land your dream job. Best of luck in your job search!

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