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6 great reasons to consider apprenticeships

Published: Saturday 28th March 2015

Apprenticeship schemes have become hugely relevant to young people and the jobs market today. The UK’s job market is becoming harder and harder for young people to get into, as the market becomes crowded with a greater and greater number of graduates. How can young people get ahead of the crowd, especially without spending several years – and more than a few thousand pounds – on a university education? With more and more people going into further education, be that college or university, students are entering the already highly competitive jobs market with knowledge and theory but with little in the way of practical, applicable skills. The difficulty in this is that many students are increasingly joining the job market with a size-able gap between skills they have been trained in and those needed for the job itself. In today’s job market, many employers are asking for one to several years’ experience in adverts for entry level positions. So, how do you get that vital on-the-job experience and the necessary skills, when you need them to get an entry level job? Well there are two popular options; internships and apprenticeships. But which is best?

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Apprenticeships will give you experience

Put very simply you will get the experience required by many employers and gain valuable experience within the industry you want to build a career in, helping to boost your CV to the top of the pile. As a general rule employers tend to favour candidates who have more than one years’ industry experience and a greater number of qualifications. Apprenticeship jobs are designed with industry partners and companies to make them as relevant as possible to what employers will be looking for in candidates.

Broaden your skill set with practical, relevant experience and training

At the same time as developing industry and role specific qualifications and experience, you can also develop a more rounded general skills set. Today, companies value skills in IT, communication and numeracy, all good life skills which you can get in an apprentice job.

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Earn while you learn through apprenticeships

Let’s face it, college, university or further education in general is not cheap. In fact it can be downright expensive. And whilst you are there, learning theoretical skills, you aren’t earning anything either. At the start of your career and working life, earning money and getting on the pay ladder is very important. Apprenticeships either have a low cost or no cost at all and most importantly they do pay you for your time on the job. Whilst the minimum wage for an apprentice job is £2.65 an hour many employers will offer more than this in order to attract the best candidates. You can pay your way and feel more financially stable by earning money whilst you are learning relevant skills. You earn a salary, receive holiday and sick pay and develop fantastic skills.

Get qualified and improve your prospects with recognised relevant qualifications

Gaining a new qualification to add to your CV is never a bad thing. Apprentice jobs show employers your commitment to the industry and your drive to succeed in it. It also puts you ahead of the crowd when they are looking over applications. Though you might prefer to head straight into full time employment after your apprenticeship job, you can also use it as a route into further education and further improving your career prospects. A lot of apprenticeships work towards gaining you a recognised qualification such as an NVQ or BETEC, qualification which could propel you into higher education at university at a later date.

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Receive support and guidance

With apprenticeships you aren’t thrown head first into a new job with little or no training. With an apprentice job you will have a wide network of support. You coordinator will make sure that your apprentice program is tailored to your individual personal learning requirements. If you are looking for a job, download the Zoek App to let your new job find you!

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