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7 Signs You Need To Change Job

Published: Tuesday 31st March 2015

Do you spend most of your weekend dreading the Monday morning return to work? Do you hate your boss and find your co-workers are just not on your wavelength? If so, remember, life is too short to spend most of your week doing something that makes you miserable. Here are seven signs that the time is right to change job:

1. You Hate Going To Work

When the alarm goes off do you leap out of bed eager to get to work and tackle whatever challenges are thrown at you, confident of success? If you’re more likely to throw the duvet over your head and go back to sleep you might want to think about looking for a new job.

Stressed student with hands on head pulling his hair

2. You Don’t Feel Valued

Your suggestions are ignored by colleagues and bosses or you find you are consistently being passed over for promotion. You never hear the words thank you.

3. You Are Being Bullied

Whether it’s by bosses or co-workers, being bullied or harassed at work can take a variety of forms from verbal insults to public criticism or even sexual harassment but it’s all unpleasant and you don’t have to put up with it. You may wish to take out grievance procedures with your company’s HR department or even consider a claim for constructive dismissal. Or you may wish simply to find another company and change job.

4. You Feel You Are Underpaid

You could ask your boss for a rise, pointing out why you are worth it but there’s no guarantee that will work. You may discover you are being paid less than someone else who is doing the same job as you. This is illegal but some unscrupulous firms will allow such a situation to continue.

 portrait of happy young man holding box of personal belongings leaving office after quitting job

5. You Have No Respect For Your Managers

And it’s not just because they won’t give you a raise! You think they’ve been over-promoted, you disagree with most of their decisions and can’t see what they bring to the table.

6. You Live For The Weekend

But that’s just two days a week. It’s important to enjoy the five days you are at work too. 

7. You Want A Job You Love

Yes, it’s possible to have a job you love. It may not feel like that now if the previous six points apply to you but plenty of people actually enjoy getting up and going to work. Perhaps you’ve always had a yearning to work with children or animals. Maybe there’s a field that you always wanted to move into. Seize the opportunity and start looking for that new job today!

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